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Purely Silk™ Thread

See why Purely Silk™ is considered one of the best jewelry threads for stringing gemstones and pearls in this product show-and-tell that explains all the benefits of durable 100% silk thread.

How to Use the Beadalon® Tying Station

Unscrew the wing nut at the upper part of the tying station. Make a loop with your wire/cord and tie or crimp it.

What Are Promo Beads?

Celestial Crystal®

Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, introduces you to the Celestial Crystal® glass bead line at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in this jewelry-making product showcase. Take a look at the array of colors, sizes and shapes of these machine-cut...

Crimp Ends with Cording

String your design onto cording of your choice then secure them in place with crimp ends using a pair of chain-nose pliers. You can choose ends with loops then add your own favorite clasp or choose ends where one has a loop and one has a hook for a...

Designing with Glue-on Bails

Add a line of glue following the metal line between the reservoirs using an instant glue like Loctite® 454 Gel. This is an instant glue and sets in about 5 seconds.

Threaded Plastic Clasps

Twist cap off of clasp.

Secrets to Crimp Covers - Hiding Knots

Did you know crimp covers aren't just for crimps? Renowned jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shows you the secrets of using crimp covers to hide knots.

Using a Jeweler's Saw as a Pearl/Bead Reamer

Release one side of the blade from frame. Slide pearls onto smallest saw blade

Bead Stopper™, How-To

Learn how to use the amazing bead stopper in this how-to video by well-known jewelry artist Katie Hacker. Want a tool that keeps beads from falling off multiple strands of jewelry wire or thread? This video tutorial shows how to use the Bead Stopper...

Fire Mountain Fix: T-Drilled Beads - Getting Your Thread Around The Corner

Bead Tips, How-To

Bead tips are designed to conceal and protect knots and create a secure connection to jumprings and clasps. Bead tips terminate jewelry designs with a clean and professional finish. When finished, bead tips look like small, metal beads at each end...

Powercord® Bead Cord

You’ll love Powercord®, especially after learning about the benefits of this latex-free elastic cording for jewelry-making in a product show-and-tell that shows a variety of colors and widths available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Using The Bead Knotter™

Knot pearls and beads quickly with The Bead Knotter.

Using Crimp Covers

Crimp covers provide a professional and stylish way to finish your jewelry.

Secrets to Bead Tips with Thread

See how to use bead tips to protect beading thread and create a professional finish in strung jewelry designs as Tammy Honaman demonstrates connecting thread to a clasp with the help of a bead tip.

Using an Intermittent Stringing Technique

Use an intermittent stringing technique when you want the base of a jewelry design (the wire, cord or string on which you are placing beads) to show as a design element of the piece. For example, you may want to use an intermittent stringing...

Secrets to Cutting Memory Wire

Memory wire is a favorite jewelry wire for quick bead stringing projects, but you need a special tool to cut the stainless steel so your wire (and pliers!) aren't damaged.

Finishing Memory Wire Jewelry

There are two ways to finish the ends of Memory Wire. You can finish with ball ends or by turning each end into a loop.

Secrets to Crimping with Crimp Tubes

Finish beading wire securely and professionally with crimp tubes. Expert jewelry maker and instructor Tammy Honaman shows how to use crimp tubes for adding clasps directly to the end of your strung jewelry design.
71 Resource(s) Found
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