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Sell Your Jewelry With the Right Displays

Learn how to sell your jewelry with the right displays whether you are preparing for online sales or craft fairs.

Product Spotlight: Must-Have Jewelry-Making Pliers

The right tools are a must for jewelry makers. Rose is here to teach you about the most popular pliers used in jewelry-making and how to use them correctly for more secure crimps, tighter and neater loops and perfect coils.

Origins of Friendship Bracelets

The origins of friendship bracelets are actually very mysterious! What do ancient China and Mediterranean sailors have in common with their origins? You'll just have to watch to find out.

Featured Artist Craig Cosbey

"Redeeming Time" is the name of the jewelry business established by artist, Craig Cosbey. Under his skillful hands, broken old watches become sought-after jewelry pieces.

10 Common Gemstones For Jewelry Makers

Learn about the 10 most common gemstones used by jewelry makers. Join Joel and Dev as they discuss gemstones, their origins and other nifty facts.

Behind the Rings with Kat Wisniewski

Kat Wisniewski shares her artistic journey, what inspires her, and how she turned her passion for making chainmaille jewelry into a profitable business.

What are Designer Quality Gemstones?

Learn more about our "designer quality" gemstones and what that means for you in this quick video.

Create Compliments® Jewelry

Enjoy a preview selection of elegant jewelry from the Create Compliments® Jewelry line exclusively available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Gulten Dye: Style and Education

Gulten Dye is an international designer artist from Turkey who has some personal insights to share with fellow jewelry designers, such as how to find your signature jewelry style, price your designs and find inspiration.

Using Earring Card Punch Tools with Adhesive Front PVC Earring Cards

Remove plastic strip from adhesive area on PVC earring card.Note: PVC plastic earring card includes a 1x3/4 inch adhesive area on the front of the card with removable clear plastic strip. Center hang tab fits most earring displays.

How To use Anti-Tarnish Strips

Learn how to use anti-tarnish strips to keep your jewelry shining bright.
11 Resources Found
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