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Urban Tech

Dive into the cyber-connected world that blends fashion and technology with the Fall/Winter 2020-21 Men's Trend--Tech Designs. See how technology has come to influence the world of men's fashion.

Where Creativity Thrives

In this competitive day and age, professionals from all walks of life have their eyes set on improving their skills in order to remain relevant in the job market. Understanding the latest advances in your field keeps you relevant rather than...

Mosaic Masterpieces

Jacqui Ridley always drew, took art classes when she was an undergrad at Wayne State University, ran a successful bakery business, and found ways to nurture her creative spirit. But something shifted within her when she started playing with pieces...

Bead Star 2009 Best in Show

Sue has left Florida and moved back to New Jersey to be with her son and grandchild. While everyone hopes to be an asset to the company they work for, it's another thing for the boss to turn out to be an asset to the employee. Clearly, Sue's boss...

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Our Fire Mountain Gems and Beads family has been deeply affected by cancer. Learn how we can all support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to fight against this disease.

The Dream Catcher

Discover how dream catchers came to be, how they work and how to make your own dream catcher-inspired patterns and designs.

Artistic Evolution

''By the time I was a senior in high school, I'd been playing the piano for a dozen years, and many people expected me to pursue it in college,'' Rebeca explains. ''However, it wasn't something that came truly natural to me. I enjoyed playing, but I...

Attitude of Gratitude

Congratulate yourself if you made it through 2010 with your business and personal life relatively intact. Even if you're a bit bruised, bummed or burned out, you still need to pat yourself on the back--you survived! In my last column, I mentioned...

Stringing and Jewelry-Making Fundamentals

Bead stringing is the backbone of many designs; the rest can be done with a few jewelry-making fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals you need to create your own jewelry lines.

Famous Paintings Depicting Angels

Artists have always been mystified by the idea of angels. Here are some of the most popular pieces of art that are renowned for their display of angels.

Tropical Weddings

Tropical-themed weddings are a perfect way to create a special day that feels like a vacation for you and your guests. Find tips for tropical jewelry, décor and more in this article.

Making Braided Belts

Jump on the braided belt trend and design your own on-trend look. Discover more about this style and learn the braiding techniques.

Giving Cupid Wings: Celebrating Valentine's Day with Style

Valentine's Day isn't just about high-end diamonds and jewelry, but many more personable gifts.

The Beadmakers' Handbook

The first openly available resource for the beader and jewelry maker, the Beadmakers' Handbook includes bead-stringing designs and techniques. Download the free PDF and discover where it all began!

Discover the Black Pearl

A little bit of luck, a whole lot of skill, and a strong will to succeed was the magic potion needed for the husband-and-wife team of Eric and Mikkeline Hicks to make it in the wholesale jewelry world. Six years ago, the couple began a handmade...

No More ''Seasonal Colors''

Pastels are for spring, neons for summer, Earth tones for autumn and, of course, jewel tones are what winter is for. There was a time you packed away your clothes and accessories each season and purchased items in the new season's color palette,...

Russell Morton's "The Four Seasons of Water"

Russel Morgan is beading a prayer for clean water. Using almost every beading stitch imaginable, his massive beaded canvas is an illustrative effort for change.

Bring the Beach to You!

Bring the beach to you! Learn how to create the beach wedding of your dreams without having to leave your hometown.

Jewelry Component Swap Parties

You've heard of clothing swap parties, recipe swaps, even beer swaps--but have you ever thought of a jewelry supply swap party? Recycling, or upcycling, is here to stay, so what better way to make new jewelry than with existing components that were...

From Craft Drawer to Career

Learn how the incredible metal clay artist Hattie Sanderson went from career woman to award-winning jewelry designer.
308 Resource(s) Found
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