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Trends: Glimpses of 2014

"In 2014 I look forward to creating intricate structures defined by the subtle hues of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass. I've worked so much with color in the past decade, but I am looking forward to developing a collection of earthy...

Urban Tech

Dive into the cyber-connected world that blends fashion and technology with the Fall/Winter 2020-21 Men's Trend--Tech Designs. See how technology has come to influence the world of men's fashion.

Candy Beads

Candy-theme jewelry can be found at some of the liveliest events. Learn more about this vibrant trend here.

Valentine's Day Convertible Necklace

Learn about the convertible necklace trend and how to add it to your Valentine's Day jewelry lines in this article.

Style with a Purpose--Medical Alert Jewelry

Stylish and personalized medical alert jewelry is an ever-growing market as men and women look to communicate allergies, medical conditions, or current medications in a fashionable way.

Statement Studs

For those who believe less is more, it's all about making a statement without making a scene. Learn how to make a minimalist statement with stud earrings.

Adventures in Wonderland

Take inspiration from a trip to Wonderland to create carefree, exciting jewelry designs.

Endless Expressions with Infinity Jewelry

The infinity symbol has become one of the most popular ways to express everlasting love or unending friendship. Find design inspirations and more in this article.

The Meaning of Butterflies

Let your style take flight with butterfly jewelry. Butterflies make wonderful additions to designs and represent happiness, beauty and transformation.

Make Boot Bling Jewelry

If you love boots and love jewelry, then you'll absolutely love one of the hottest statements in the fashion world--boot jewelry.

The Purse Charm

Seen on everything from cocktail clutches to messenger bags, the purse charm is a removable, interchangeable and versatile way to personalize any handbag.

Crystal Flower Power

It's never the wrong season to stop and smell the flowers. Incorporate flowers into your designs year-round with some favorite floral trends.

Glamorized Shoes

Read on to discover the history and appeal behind embellished shoes.

The Next Big Thing--Costume Jewelry Craze

Costume jewelry is finally taking its rightful place in the fashion world. Learn more about this burgeoning trend here.

Prehistoric Jewelry Provides Modern-Day Inspiration

The symbolic importance of jewelry has remained unchanged throughout history. Learn how to base your designs on prehistoric creations for a truly timeless appeal.

Rockabilly Jewelry

Seen in popular culture, at car shows, races, diners and more, the rockabilly fashion trend is one with vintage appeal.

LOVE Beads? We Sure Do!

Bring back that "summer of love" feeling with 1960s-inspired love bead necklace designs.

Hottest Upper Arm Bracelets

Upper arm bracelets are one of the top warm-weather accessories to try. See the hottest upper arm bracelet ideas here.

Biker Jewelry

See the most popular elements of biker jewelry in this inspiration-filled article.

Bridal Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

Discover all the do's and don'ts of bridal jewelry to ensure flawless wedding looks. Here's everything you should know about accessorizing for the big day.
115 Resource(s) Found
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