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Customization of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets aren't just for summer camp anymore! Friends hold a very special place in our lives. Now using your artistry, you can express how much your friend means to you by personalizing a piece of jewelry that beautifully represents your...

Tassel and Pom-Pom Jewelry

Pom-poms and tassels are a fun fashion trend that just keeps going. Let this article inspire you to design your own pom-pom and tassel jewelry.

Making Braided Belts

Jump on the braided belt trend and design your own on-trend look. Discover more about this style and learn the braiding techniques.

Cord, Cord and More Cord

Cord is making a statement in the fashion world. Discover this trend and view design ideas featuring cord to get your creative juices flowing.

How to Make Survival Paracord Watchbands and Bracelets

Learn how to make survival paracord bracelets and watchbands for all the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

Shamballa Bracelets

With so many creative combinations, so few materials needed and an easy, rhythmic technique, Shamballa bracelets are a perfectly balanced jewelry project.

C-LonĀ® Beading Thread - The thread your beads are asking for!

Looking for a new, more durable way to weave or knot with beads? This article showcases C-Lon thread--and why it might be the answer you're looking for.

Crocheting with Beads

Learn how to crochet with beads and bejewel yarn projects in this article. Discover a handy chart for selecting the right size yarn and beads.

Thread, Cord and Beading Wire for Jewelry-Making

This article helps you make sense of the different stringing materials. Learn which beading thread, cord or wire to use for creative success in your jewelry project.
9 Resources Found
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