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Hand Knotting Pearls

Hand-knotting with thread places evenly sized knots in between each pearl or bead in your design. The technique outlined is done by forming the knot with your hands then finishing it neatly using a pair of finely pointed tweezers. It assumes a silk...

Finishing Elastic and Powercord®

Powercord is a favorite stringing material for making bracelets, chokers, anklets and more. In this video tutorial, learn how to securely finish Powercord and other elastic.

How to Create Macrame Leaves

Macramé leaves are a great way to bring life to jewelry. This instructional video provides step-by-step instructions on how to include them in your designs.

How to Create Diamonds with Double Half Hitch Knots

Follow along with jewelry designer Jude to learn how to create diamonds with macramé double half-hitch knots.

Fire Mountain Fix: T-Drilled Beads - Getting Your Thread Around The Corner

T-drilled guru beads can be tricky to thread your jewelry-making cord through. Here is a trick to stringing that final piece of your mala bracelet.

Creating a Net with Square Knots

Creating a macramé net with square knots is easier than you think, especially when following along with this how-to video led by jewelry designer Jude.

How to Create a Shamballa-Style Bracelet

Learn all the jewelry-making techniques and tips for creating knotted Shamballa bracelets with pavé beads and cotton cord.

Secrets to Using a Bead Knotting Tool

Create pearl knotted jewelry easily with the help of a bead knotting tool called The Bead Knotter™. Tammy Honaman demonstrates how to knot between beads with the use of this jewelry-making tool.

Kumihimo Finishing Techniques

In this jewelry-making tutorial, see how to securely finish round and square kumihimo braiding patterns.

How to Make a Quilter's Knot

Do your knots pull through the material? Try this! Jewelry designer Rose demonstrates how to create a quilter's knot with two easy steps in this handy tutorial.

Secrets to an Overhand Knot

Learn how to make an overhand knot, a commonly used jewelry-making knot for working with cord. A 3D visual helps make this tutorial a cinch as Tammy Honaman, expert jewelry maker, also demonstrates this technique.

Knots Tutorial

Learn how to tie a few basic knots with this set of instructions. If you’re a visual learner, the accompanying how-to video and illustrations provide demonstrations on these techniques.

Macramé Basics, Techniques and Finishing Techniques

Learn the basics of macramé knotting to combine in unique ways for use in jewelry-making. These techniques are surprisingly easy to master, especially with jewelry designer Jude demonstrating each knot.

Secrets to a Half-Hitch Knot

To finish a strung jewelry design, try using a half-hitch knot as demonstrated in this tutorial by jewelry-making expert and educator Tammy Honaman.
14 Resource(s) Found
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