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Fire Mountain Fix: T-Drilled Beads - Getting Your Thread Around The Corner

Secrets to Professional Crimping

Learn a handy secret or two (or three) from expert jewelry maker, Tammy Honaman, on how to crimp as effectively as possible when professionally finishing jewelry designs.

Bead Tips, How-To

Bead tips are designed to conceal and protect knots and create a secure connection to jumprings and clasps. Bead tips terminate jewelry designs with a clean and professional finish. When finished, bead tips look like small, metal beads at each end...

How To Use Cord Coils

Cord coil ends are an easy and quick way to securely close a cord necklace.

Secrets to Using Bead Caps

Use a bead cap to create a professional look on bead dangles and strung jewelry designs. Tammy Honaman, expert jewelry maker, shows how to secure a bead cap on top of beads using a headpin and simple loop jewelry-making technique.

Using Ball Chain Connectors

Place the tip of the ball chain into the connector.

Kumihimo Finishing Techniques

In this jewelry-making tutorial, see how to securely finish round and square kumihimo braiding patterns.

How To Use a Cord Tip (Glue-in Style)

Place a dab of E6000® glue onto the end of your cording.

Using Ribbon Ends

Secrets to Bead Tips with Thread

See how to use bead tips to protect beading thread and create a professional finish in strung jewelry designs as Tammy Honaman demonstrates connecting thread to a clasp with the help of a bead tip.

Using Cones

Use chain-nose pliers to open the loop (eye) on one eyepin. String the first link of a length/s of chain or one end of a strand/s then close the loop.Thread ends can be knotted directly onto the eyepin then trim excess thread.

Adhering Cord Ends to Chain

Open and remove jumpring to separate chain links at desired length.

How to Use the Hidden Crimp End Clasp

Open the jaws of the pliers to be protected.

Adding French Wire and Clasp to Silk Thread

French wire or buillion is a finely woven coil of sterling silver, "vermeil" or gold-filled wire. Choose a size that suits the size thread and bead hole of the beads in your design (you don't want to lose the French wire inside the bead).

How To Finish Your Seed Bead Bracelet

Secrets to Crimp Covers - Hiding Crimp Beads

Follow along with jewelry-making expert and instructor Tammy Honaman as she explains how to use crimp covers when you want to hide crimp beads for a professional finish in strung jewelry designs.

Secrets to Bead Tips with Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

See how to use bead tips to hide crimp covers for a professional finish on beading wire in this short tutorial led by jewelry-making expert and instructor Tammy Honaman.

Macramé Basics, Techniques and Finishing Techniques

Learn the basics of macramé knotting to combine in unique ways for use in jewelry-making. These techniques are surprisingly easy to master, especially with jewelry designer Jude demonstrating each knot.
18 Resource(s) Found
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Results Per Page: 20 50 100