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Basic Wire-Weaving Techniques

Want to get into wire weaving? This how-to video will teach you how three basic wire-weaving patterns.

Secrets to a Double Wrapped Loop

Learn the secrets of double wrapped loops with this informational video with Tammy Honaman. This technique can be used to create secure beaded links or drops.

Wolf Tools® Groovy Looping Pliers

See how to create consistent same size loops from jewelry wire with the Wolf Tools® Groovy Looping pliers in this product show-and-tell led by in-house jewelry designer Alice Gershowitz.

Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop

Use the double wrapped-loop technique to attach a pendant or charm to a soldered loop on a chain for a secure finish. Link double wrapped loops together to create your own chain then finish with your choice of clasp.

Opening a Jump Ring

Learn how to easily open jump rings and split rings with this video tutorial.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Ring and Bracelet Finding Forms™

Wyatt from Beadalon® is here to show you how to make adjustable round rings and oval bangle bracelets with your favorite jewelry-making wire.

How to Use Beadalon® Double Banding Pliers

The Beadalon® double banding pliers are an amazingly handy tool to use when you want to secure double thickness of square wire. See for yourself!

How to Use Wire Rounders

Tired of sharp wire ends causing problems in your jewelry designs? Watch as jewelry maker Rose demonstrates the magic of wire rounders.

Finishing Memory Wire Jewelry

There are two ways to finish the ends of Memory Wire. You can finish with ball ends or by turning each end into a loop.

How to Use the Wubbers® Looping Pliers

This how-to video with Wubbers® inventor Patti Bullard shows you how to save time and energy on jewelry-making projects with Wubbers looping pliers.

How to Use the Wubbers® Half-Round Mandrel Pliers

Follow along with the creator of Wubbers® Pliers to see how the half-round mandrel pliers make it easy to form consistent shapes with jewelry wire for creating complicated designs easily and quickly.

How to Use the Wubbers® Bail-Making and Round Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD, creator of Wubbers® Pliers, shows you how to use her bail and round mandrel pliers to make your own jewelry components for completely handmade jewelry designs.

How to Use the Wubbers® Triangular Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD--inventor of Wubbers® Pliers--shows how to use the triangular mandrel pliers to form consistent 3-sided jewelry components with wire, bezel strips or sheet metal.

How to Use the Wubbers® Square Mandrel Pliers

Follow along with Patti Bullard, PhD, owner and designer of Wubbers® Pliers as she shows you how to make crisp, consistent square and rectangular shapes in jewelry wire with her square mandrel pliers.

Secrets to Simple Loops

The simple loop is a must-learn basic jewelry-making technique that turns a headpin with beads on it into a beaded dangle or an eyepin into a link. Follow along with step-by-step instructions by expert jewelry maker Tammy Honaman.
15 Resources Found
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