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How To Care For Plated Jewelry

Do you want to prolong the beauty of your gold-plated jewelry? By adopting a "gold-standard" of best cleaning and care practices, you can keep your plated jewelry better protected. Jewelry components are plated or finished using a base...

How to Care for Your Embellished Garments

Embellished and bejeweled clothing is all the rage--rhinestone-encrusted jeans, beaded sweater sets, sequined dresses and gemstone-jeweled gowns and scarves. Although beautiful to wear, many of us shy away from such garments because of the special...

Jewelry Maintenance Supplies and Information

Jewelry, when properly cleaned and polished, maintains its value and draws the eye. Protect jewelry and jewelry-making supplies with the appropriate cleaning and polishing methods. Before you clean your pieces, look them over to detect loose stones,...

Jewelry and Jewelry Component Care - Dos and Don'ts

Jewelry is an investment of not only money, but time, patience and love. When properly cleaned and polished, jewelry maintains its value and draws the eye. Protect your jewelry-making supplies and finished pieces with this handy list of dos and...

Should You Sleep in Jewelry?

Do you leave your jewelry on when you go to bed? Apparently, according to online forums, many of us do and for various reasons. Most of us have rings that we rarely take off, such as wedding or engagement rings or other rings with lots of...

Take it Off: All About Jewelry Storage

When you take off jewelry, what do you do with it? What should you do with it? Here are some of the ins and outs of jewelry storage that will help keep your favorite pieces looking their best. First of all, jewelry needs to be kept somewhere dry....
6 Resource(s) Found
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Results Per Page: 20 50 100