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How to Use ComposiMold® PowerMold Reusable Molding Compound

In-house jewelry designer Alice Gershowitz has easy-to-follow instructions for how to create molds with reusable molding compound ComposiMold® PowerMold, a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic thermoplastic.

Everything's Swellegant in Metal!™ Coatings

Swellegant!™ metal coatings are made from pulverized metal so when you paint these products onto other jewelry materials, you create metal jewelry pieces. You’ll love all the possibilities of these flexible coatings as explained by award-winning...

How to Use Molding Compound

Want to make replicas of some of your unique stations or other items? Learn how to use molding compound  to duplicate even fragile items. This is an excellent way to duplicate hard-to-find vintage buttons.

Designing with 2-Part Epoxy

2-part epoxy is a versatile medium. Not only is it a glue that will join two things together, it can be molded, shaped, textured and used to create stunning designs.

Using Magic-Glos® to Create a Glass-Like Surface

Lisa Pavelka, mixed media artist extraordinaire, shows how easy it is to give any flat surface a glass-like effect for jewelry making, even if it doesn’t have a bezel wall, thanks to the self-leveling UV resin called Magic-Glos®.

How to Use Resin in Open Settings

See how you can use Magic-Glos® UV resin in open, backless jewelry settings to create layered collages as prominent mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka walks you through this step-by-step jewelry-making project.

How to Add Photographic Images to Components Using Waterslide Image Transfers

Follow these steps to add photographic quality images to flat beads, polymer clay and other surfaces with waterslide image transfers created by renowned mixed media jewelry artist Lisa Pavelka.

Applying Magic-Glos® Top Coat

Friendly Plastic® Modeling Pellets

Explore the jewelry design possibilities of moldable Friendly Plastic pellets as Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, explains how to heat, knead and even add pigments to this thermoplastic molding compound.

Collaging with Foil and Resin

Create a fun collage pendant with craft foils on polymer clay and jewelry resin (Magic-Glos® UV resin) as you follow along with step-by-step instructions by prominent mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka in this jewelry-making tutorial.

How To Use ICE Resin®

Christi Friesen Presents ''Using 'Swellegant!™ Metal Coatings and Colorants''

Here's a bit of how-to, and some tips and other fun stuff you ought to know!The 'Swellegant' line is made up of five metal coatings, three patinas, thirteen dye-oxides and one clear sealant. All of the products are non-hazardous. If you would like...

Stamped and Steampunked Tin

Embellish a tin or other home décor box with some steampunk ideas and instructions from award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.
13 Resource(s) Found
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