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Quick and Simple Polymer Clay Cane Leaves

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka as she gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a millefiori cane out of Fimo® Professional polymer clay, which can be used as clay cane leaves in jewelry designs.

How to Make Silicone Molds

Christi Friesen, polymer clay artist and guru, is here to teach a simple trick of how to make a silicone mold out of a two-part molding material for creating consistent jewelry components from found objects.

Lump Mutts

This adorable jewelry project is what renowned polymer clay artist Christi Friesen calls a lump mutt. See how to make this adorable new pet using Premo! Sculpey® jewelry clay complete with curious ears, studded collar and little red tongue.

Stamped and Steampunked Tin

Embellish a tin or other home décor box with some steampunk ideas and instructions from award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Fimo® Professional Liquid Polymer Clay

In this jewelry-making product show-and-tell led by award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka, see just how versatile Fimo® liquid gel (a liquid clay) is for joining polymer clay pieces together and so much more. In this jewelry-making product...

Kato Polyclay™ - The Skinner Blend Technique

Named after Judith Skinner, the creator of this technique, the Skinner Blend technique has revolutionized the process of blending colors. The first few times you practice this technique it is good to choose colors that mix well together: yellow and...

Impress Me Butterfly

Use stamps to impress a pattern on polymer clay for a fun butterfly jewelry project as you follow along with step-by-step instructions from Christi Friesen, award-winning artist and author.

How to Make Gemstones ''Pop'' in Polymer Clay

If a rhinestone doesn’t have a foil back, then the stone can lose shine when set in polymer clay. Christi Friesen, award-winning jewelry artist, shows a trick for ensuring rhinestones stay sparkly no matter what they’re set in.

Pop Art Polymer

Lisa Pavelka, renowned mixed media artist, shares a jewelry-making project that uses the sutton slice polymer clay technique with a twist to create a 3D pendant. Follow along with her complete instructions to learn how to make pop art jewelry.

How to Make Foiled Polymer Clay Shapes

Lisa Pavelka, prominent mixed media artist, walks you through the steps on how to make dichroic looking clay projects all while using black Fimo® Professional polymer clay. Get all her tips and tricks for working with jewelry clay and craft foils in...

Creating a Polymer Nesting Bird

Have fun playing with jewelry clay as you create a nesting bird focal bead with Christi Friesen, an award-winning polymer clay artist, who walks you through the project step by step.

Creating a Polymer Clay Lion

Follow along with polymer clay artist and instructor, Christi Friesen, to learn how to make a fun lion pendant or brooch out of Premo! Sculpey® jewelry-making clay. Have a roaring good time.

Fire Mountain Fix: Applying Foils to Rounded Polymer Clay

Award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka is here with a Fire Mountain Fix that explains--step by step--how to apply craft foils to rounded polymer clay shapes for use as decorative borders in jewelry projects and more.

Make Your Own Custom Coasters

Make custom coasters using liquid polymer clay and waterslide transfers. You can even print your own images or kids’ artwork on blank transfer paper for a special gift. Award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka shows you how in this fun,...

Creating Embellished Polymer Clay Hearts Using Molds

Mold embellishments from polymer clay and rubber molds to adorn jewelry clay creations. Award-winning artist and clay guru Christi Friesen explains the steps in this project using Premo! Sculpey® clay.

How to Create a Zipper Cane Using Polymer Clay

Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, explains how to make a zipper cane, a polymer clay cane that may look complex, but is actually simple--especially with step-by-step instructions from this tutorial.

Collaging with Foil and Resin

Create a fun collage pendant with craft foils on polymer clay and jewelry resin (Magic-Glos® UV resin) as you follow along with step-by-step instructions by prominent mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka in this jewelry-making tutorial.

Why I Love FIMO®

Fire Mountain Fix: There's clay stuck in my stamp!

Lots of people ask award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka, “How do I get stuck polymer clay out of my texture stamps?” She has some tips for getting polyclay out of stamps in this quick Fire Mountain Fix tutorial.

Creating a Feathered Galumphus Bird

The always entertaining Christi Friesen, award-winning artist, walks you through the steps on how to create what she calls a Galumphus bird out of Premo! Sculpey® polymer clay, feathers and two beads for eyes.
66 Resource(s) Found
1 of 4

Results Per Page: 20 50 100