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Xuron® Flush-Cutters

Jude Wroblewski, jewelry designer, explains the benefits of American-made Xuron® deluxe flush-cutters, including their smooth, precise cuts on jewelry wire even in tight spaces.

Weighing with Digital Scales

Digital scales are great to use when your pattern calls for a specific measurement in weight.

Maxi Shear Flush-Cutter by EUROTOOL®

You’ll love the Xuron® Maxi-Shear™ flush cutter jewelry pliers for more than just its clean cut on beading wire, and Alice Gershowitz--in-house jewelry designer--explains why in this jewelry-making product show-and-tell.

How to Use the Beadalon® Tying Station

Unscrew the wing nut at the upper part of the tying station. Make a loop with your wire/cord and tie or crimp it.

How to Use Magnifiers

Magnetic Rack

Alice Gershowitz, in-house jewelry designer, explains how the multipurpose magnetic rack for jewelry-making tools will make your design life easier by getting tools up off your workspace.

Beadalon® Jewel Loom™ Beading Loom Tips

Explore five different beading loom tips specific to the Beadalon® Jewel Loom™, including how to secure the ends of your design, how to add a ribbon clasp and other looming techniques.

How to Use the Hand Vise

Pass bolt through hole in the front side of hand vise.

Perfect Knots with the Tin Cup Knotter from Beadalon®

Wyatt from Beadalon® demonstrates how the tin cup knotter makes quick-and-easy work of consistently spaced knots. You won't believe how fast you can make a knotted necklace!

How to Use the Beadalon Ring Weaver Tool

Choose the size ring you want to make. The sizes are based on the placement of the holes inside the base of the Ring Weaver Tool. The holes are staggered on the diagonal so the outermost holes will yield a size 11 ring, the next row toward the...

How to Use a Wire Jig

A wire jig gives lets you consistently make great shapes from wire. Learn how to make a variety of designs with this how-to video and instructions.

Why You Need a Bead Reamer

Using Split Ring Pliers

Split ring pliers make it a snap to use the sometimes challenging split rings. Here are instructions for using split ring pliers:

Using Rivets and the Rivet Setting Tool

Use hole-punch pliers to punch hole in leather at desired position.

How to Use Beadalon® MULTIPLIERS™

In this how-to video led by jewelry designer Rose, see why two heads are better than one with these time-saving pliers from Beadalon®.

Warping for Bead Weaving

Straight from Mirrix Looms, this tutorial shows two different ways to weave beads on a loom. You’ll see how to warp a Mirrix loom for bead weaving with and without the shedding device.

Using The Bead Knotter™

Knot pearls and beads quickly with The Bead Knotter.

Measuring with Calipers

Calipers make measuring small things, like beads and holes in beads, a snap.

EUROTOOL® Nylon Jaw Looping Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Jamie Smedley shows the benefit of EUROTOOL® nylon jaw pliers when working with jewelry-making wire you don’t want to mar or scratch.

Setting a Cabochon with a Bezel Roller and Burnisher

These tools and techniques will produce a uniform, secure mount for your stone.

How To Set Up and Polish with the Polisher Bench Lathe

UNIVERSAL™ Magical Crimper Pliers

Jewelry designer Rose can't help but be excited when telling you about a pair of magical crimping pliers that turns a crimp tube into a round crimp bead. Don't blink, you might miss it!

How to Use the Eyelet and Rivet Setting Tool

Secure hole-punch tool in bench vise. You will be using the left (larger) punch side of the punch tool.

How to Weave Beads on a Mirrix Loom

See how to weave beads on a Mirrix loom with and without the shedding device in this detailed tutorial courtesy of the manufacturer.

Tumbling and Polishing Jewelry and Stones with a Tumbler

Unscrew the nut on the top of the barrel. Remove the metal washer. Remove the outer metal lid. If the lid is difficult to remove, insert the washer into the area between the lip of the lid and the barrel and twist to lift the lid away from the...

How to Repair and Polish Jewelry

Learn how to use various 3M discs with the Jooltool buffing system to grind and highly polish metal jewelry, eliminating the need for hand filing.

How to Solder a Jumpring with Solder Paste

Soldering jumprings closed helps create a secure connection in jewelry. It's easier to solder than you may think. Follow along with Chris as he walks you through the tools and steps needed for this handy skill.

How to Lap and Polish Jewelry

Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to clean and polish jewelry with the Jooltool™ sharpening and polishing system that laps smoothly and accurately.

How to use the Speedy Stringer™

String beads quickly and efficiently using the Speedy Stringer. Pour beads into the bowl, then spin them onto wire or thread. They will be strung quickly, leaving you with more time for crocheting, knitting, loom weaving and other designing!...

How To Use The EUROTOOL® Stamp Holder

How to Use a Bracelet Bending Tool

Cut your desired length of metal sheet or wire and place one end of the strip into the notch on the tool.

How to Use the Hidden Crimp End Clasp

Open the jaws of the pliers to be protected.

How to Use the Wire Curling Mandrel

Insert cut end of wire into slot on tool shaft

3x3 Hole Punch

See how easy it is to make evenly spaced holes with smooth, clean edges using the 3x3 hole punch jewelry-making tool in this product showcase. Six hole punch sizes make this a versatile tool when creating accurate holes for cold connections.

Tube Cutting Jig

Jewelry designer Rose shows how to set the sliding gauge on this wire cutting jig to the length you want so you can cut jewelry wire, tubes and more to the exact same length every time.

Using the JoolTool™ to Sand, Buff and Polish Metal Clay

Lisa Pavelka, mixed media artist guru, demonstrates how to sand, buff and polish metal clay jewelry components for a refined and professional finish with the Jooltool™ polishing system.

How to Use the Wubbers® Triangular Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD--inventor of Wubbers® Pliers--shows how to use the triangular mandrel pliers to form consistent 3-sided jewelry components with wire, bezel strips or sheet metal.

How to Use Beadalon® Double Banding Pliers

The Beadalon® double banding pliers are an amazingly handy tool to use when you want to secure double thickness of square wire. See for yourself!

How to Repair and Polish Stone

This video tutorial demonstrates how to smooth scratches in gemstone jewelry pieces and polish the stone using the Jooltool™ system and the diamond polishing kit.

Using Loop-Closing Pliers

Loop-closing pliers are designed to close open rings, like jumprings. The notch in each half of the jaw holds the ring stable during the process.

Using a Jump Ring Tool

This handy tool will make opening a jump ring a snap!

EUROTOOL® Beader's Delight Pliers

This video demonstrates how versatile the EUROTOOL® Beader’s Delight Pliers are. From cutting wire to creating loops, follow along to see all you can do with these pliers.

Pavé-Style Setting Using the Tweezer Vac™

The compact, vacuum tool allows for precision placement. It works great for placing chatons, flat backs and small stones and when creating pavé-style jewelry. It is ideal when working with Kato Polyclay™ and 2-part epoxy as it doesn't leave any...

Artist Brushes

Brush up on jewelry-making artist brushes in this show-and-tell with Christi Friesen, polymer clay artist and expert, who is showcasing the Royal and Langnickel® Mini Magestic™ brush set. Brush up on artist brushes with renowned polymer clay artist...

Finishing Metal After Sawing

You've cut out a piece of metal for use in jewelry, but the edges are rough. Follow the tips in this how-to video for filing your metal piece to create a professional finish.

How to Polish Glass

See how to easily repair and polish glass jewelry pieces with grinding wheel discs for the Jooltool™ sharpening and polishing system. Tutorial courtesy of Jooltool.

Baking Polymer Clay

Christi Friesen, award-winning artist and instructor, is here with some jewelry clay baking basics and tips such as the type of oven needed, putting a thermometer inside the oven and making sure to pre-heat for best results.

How to Clean and Polish Metal Clay Casting

These two step-by-step videos, courtesy of Jooltool™, show how to clean and polish metal clay jewelry pieces with varying Ninja discs and pads.

Fire Mountain Fix: There's clay stuck in my stamp!

Lots of people ask award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka, “How do I get stuck polymer clay out of my texture stamps?” She has some tips for getting polyclay out of stamps in this quick Fire Mountain Fix tutorial.

How to Use Dimple Forming Pliers

Love the look of embellished metal pieces? This video from Anni Pennington shows you how to use dimple-making pliers to decorate your jewelry components.
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