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Beadalon® Katiedids™ Components

Insert head pin from center of finding. Wrap a single bead on top, creating a loop.

How to Use the Beadalon® Tying Station

Unscrew the wing nut at the upper part of the tying station. Make a loop with your wire/cord and tie or crimp it.

How to Create Tassels Using the Beadalon® Tassel Maker

Tassels are all the rage in jewelry and accessories. Learn how to create your own custom tassels with the Beadalon® tassel maker and threading of your choice.

How to Use the Crystal Applicator™ Tool and Button Die Sets

Identify (A) upper and (B) lower die holders on tool.

How to Use ComposiMold® PowerMold Reusable Molding Compound

In-house jewelry designer Alice Gershowitz has easy-to-follow instructions for how to create molds with reusable molding compound ComposiMold® PowerMold, a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic thermoplastic.

Apoxie® Sculpt Gifted Greeting Photo Frame

Create a photo frame gift and greeting card all in one with mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka in this step-by-step tutorial using Apoxie® Sculpt clay, craft foils, texture stamps and embossing cutters all available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

How to Create a Molded Shape from Polymer Clay

For this polymer clay tip and jewelry-making tutorial, in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach explains how to bake molded clay shapes so your design stays the shape you want, rather than flattening out in the oven.

How to Make Silicone Molds

Christi Friesen, polymer clay artist and guru, is here to teach a simple trick of how to make a silicone mold out of a two-part molding material for creating consistent jewelry components from found objects.

Fire Mountain Fix: Getting Magic-Glos® to the Edges

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka is here with a Fire Mountain Fix to answer the jewelry resin question: how can I get Magic-Glos UV resin to the edges of my jewelry project and create a domed effect?

Tips for Foil and Apoxie Sculpt

Lisa Pavelka, famous mixed media artist, explains some tips for working with craft foils on polymer clay (and adhesive clay like Apoxie® Sculpt) in this quick and fun tutorial.

How to Make Gemstones ''Pop'' in Polymer Clay

If a rhinestone doesn’t have a foil back, then the stone can lose shine when set in polymer clay. Christi Friesen, award-winning jewelry artist, shows a trick for ensuring rhinestones stay sparkly no matter what they’re set in.

Stretch Celtic Bracelet

Sue Ripsch, chainmaille artist and instructor, demonstrates how to make a stretchable Celtic bracelet project made from both regular and rubber jumprings in a fun chainmaille weave.

Signature Series Poly Bonder™ by Lisa Pavelka

In this jewelry-making product spotlight, see how to use award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka's versatile Signature Series Poly Bonder™ glue that is rated heat safe for baking with polymer clays.

Creating a Polymer Nesting Bird

Have fun playing with jewelry clay as you create a nesting bird focal bead with Christi Friesen, an award-winning polymer clay artist, who walks you through the project step by step.

How to Use Sanding Sticks and Rolls

In-house jewelry designer Jude Wroblewski shows you how to use sanding sticks and sanding rolls that come in multiple grits to help you refine non-ferrous metals, wood and polymer clay jewelry creations.

How to Use the Beadalon® Knot-a-Bead™ Tabletop Cord Knotter

The Knot-a-Bead tabletop knotter tool is a fast and easy way to hand knot between beads.

How to Use the Bead Buddy® Cabochon Mandrel

Follow along with Rose to see the easy way to wrap an oval cabochon using the amazing Bead Buddy® cabochon mandrel.

How to Use the The Bead Buddy® E-Z Looper™ Pliers

Polymer Clay Owl Pendant

Award-winning artist Christi Friesen shows you how to make an owl pendant in this simple polymer clay tutorial that uses Premo! Sculpey® jewelry clay and some flat back rhinestone crystals.

Sterling Silver-Filled Jumprings

Learn how sterling silver-filled wire and jumprings are made, as well as the available selection of jumprings made from this jewelry wire available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in this product show-and-tell.
107 Resource(s) Found
1 of 6

Results Per Page: 20 50 100