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Lady Beads
Twisted Sister

Cork Clay

Soft, moldable cork clay is easily shaped and refined into a solid core for Art Clay® beads and sculptural pieces, saving you valuable time making hollow forms. Keep all unused portions of the cork clay tightly wrapped. If it dries, it cannot be...
Fragmented Memories Series

Firing Art Clay® with a Gas Stove

Firing Art Clay® Silver with a gas stove is a direct firing method. Please read these instructions carefully before firing. Using a gas stove is a basic method for small and simple pieces. You may fire Art Clay® Silver Regular series, Slow Dry or...
Foldie Necklace
Cottage Garden Bangle

Firing Gemstones into Art Clay®

Man-made gems can be fired and will not change color, crack or melt. These are laboratory created stones with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 and higher. They are the same chemical composition as the natural stones. They are perfect, without inclusions, and...
Dazzling Dangles Bracelet
Spring has Sprung
Petite Corset Necklace
Tangled Leaves
Mokume Gane Tortoise
Evolution Grand Prize Silver Medal Winner
Bronze Bracelet
A Mothers Rose
As Featured in Art Jewelry magazine, March 2007
Frog in the Garden Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner
524 Resource(s) Found
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