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Mimic the metallic faces created by Michela Verani to form your own beautiful "Lady Beads".
Babe in the Woods
Lola's Woven Textile Joy

Single-Strand Necklace with Art Clay® Silver and Organza Ribbon

Carmen's Necklace

From Craft Drawer to Career

Learn how the incredible metal clay artist Hattie Sanderson went from career woman to award-winning jewelry designer.

Firing Art Clay® with a Gas Stove

FNot everyone has access to a kiln. In this tutorial, learn how to fire certain types of metal clay pieces on a gas stove rather than with traditional firing methods.
Impress your favorite quote or message into metal clay to re-create your own version of this pendant.
Love Repaid
Tide Treasure Ring
Fragmented Memories Series
Finding Eden
Dragonfly Nymph Scatter Pin
Tidal Pool Earrings
Antiqued Sunshine Ring

Firing Gemstones into Art Clay®

Adding gemstones to metal clay can increase the appeal of a piece, but it's important to know how the stones will react. This article discusses how to fire different stone types. Man-made gems can be fired and will not change color, crack or melt....

The Evolution of Artistry

Jewelry is always evolving, and four artists sat down with Handmade Business magazine to explore how their craft has changed over the years to keep up.

Ring with Silver Art Clay®

Shaping the Future of Jewelry

Handmade Business magazine interviewed five amazing metal clay artists to get the scoop right from the horse's mouth on why metal clay jewelry has been exploding in popularity.
Merry Christmas Bracelet
515 Resource(s) Found
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Results Per Page 20 | 50 | 100