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Here's My Heart Necklace

Lisa Pavelka, renowned mixed media artist, is here to show you how easy it actually is to work with Art Clay® silver. Follow along to make a heart within a heart pendant without needing an expensive kiln or other tools that require a large...

Inserting a Saw Blade into a Jeweler's Saw Frame

Untwist the wire around the bundle of saw blades until you can pull one out easily (twist the wire back around the blades once you have one out). Loosen the two wing nuts on either side of the opening of the jeweler's saw frame.Prop the far end of...

How to Use the Adaptable Eyelet and Rivet Tool Set

Turn bottom jaw thumbscrew counter clockwise to loosen.Insert desired interchangeable setting into bottom jaw (spring loaded side).Turn thumbscrew clockwise to tighten.

How to Use Hole-Punch Pliers

To install punch pin, remove pin screw and insert new punch pin.

Personalize Jewelry Using Steel Letter and Number Punches

The steel punch set is comprised of 26 capital letters, an ampersand sign and numerals 0-9 (6 and 9 are the same stamp and need to be flipped depending on which one you are planning to use). These letters make a clean impression on soft metal and...

How to Create Steampunk Gears and Embellishments Using Metal Clay

See how to create steampunk gears and embellishments from metal clay as you follow along with this jewelry-making project by award-winning artist and author Lisa Pavelka.

Sawing Metal

When using a jeweler's saw and saw blade, avoid pushing the blade against the metal being cut; it will catch and snag, possibly breaking the blade. Using a gentle up and down motion, let the teeth of the saw blade do the work of cutting the metal.

Tube Cutting Jig

Jewelry designer Rose shows how to set the sliding gauge on this wire cutting jig to the length you want so you can cut jewelry wire, tubes and more to the exact same length every time.

Art Clay® Silver ''Here's My Heart'' Pendant

Wear your heart around your neck by making this fun jewelry project. Renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka explains each step on how to make a heart pendant from Art Clay® silver metal clay and a few other jewelry-making tools.

Steel Hole Punch, How-To

The easy way to use a steel hole punch, makes holes with smooth edges and a good round shape. Holes can be made in soft metal of varying thickness, ranging from 28-gauge (approximately .3mm) to 10-gauge (approximately 2.6mm) depending on the type...

Using Rivets and the Rivet Setting Tool

Use hole-punch pliers to punch hole in leather at desired position.

Finishing Metal Clay Pieces with Hand Tools

See how to hand finish your Art Clay® silver metal clay jewelry components in minutes with this quick step-by-step tutorial hosted by world-renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Keeping the Perfect Metal Clay Consistency

See how to keep metal clay the right consistency as you create jewelry by following these handy metal clay tips from award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Using Brads for Cold Connections

Using hole punch pliers, punch a hole in the metal sheet, lay the finding over the hole then insert brad.

Making Ball-Tip Headpins with a Butane Torch

Use a Microtorch for butane fuel to make ball tipped headpins out of sterling silver wire.

Fire Mountain Fix: Is My Metal Clay Really Dry?

This Fire Mountain Fix answers the question: when is metal clay dry enough to fire? Lisa Pavelka, prominent mixed media artist, explains how to know when metal clay is dehydrated enough for torch firing in this quick tutorial.
16 Resource(s) Found
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