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How To Use ICE Resin®

Using an Ice-Pick Bail

Using Cones

Use chain-nose pliers to open the loop (eye) on one eyepin. String the first link of a length/s of chain or one end of a strand/s then close the loop.Thread ends can be knotted directly onto the eyepin then trim excess thread.

How to Add Photographic Images to Apoxie® Sculpt Using Waterslide Image Transfers

Add photographs to Apoxie® Sculpt clay adhesive with waterslide image transfers by following along with this tutorial led by Lisa Pavelka, award-winning mixed media jewelry artist and instructor.

Foiled Apoxie® Sculpt Pendant

In this tutorial, mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka demonstrates how to create a faux dichroic glass effect using craft foils and Apoxie® Sculpt jewelry clay adhesive.

How to Add Photographic Images to Components Using Waterslide Image Transfers

Follow these steps to add photographic quality images to flat beads, polymer clay and other surfaces with waterslide image transfers created by renowned mixed media jewelry artist Lisa Pavelka.

Lisa Pavelka Peek-a-Boo Pendant

Be inspired by renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka's peekaboo bezel. This locket can be a double-sided pendant filled with Magic-Glos® UV jewelry resin to create layers of beads or other jewelry supplies and the outside can be embellished with...

Using Rivets and the Rivet Setting Tool

Use hole-punch pliers to punch hole in leather at desired position.


When instructors and authors recommend a particular glue in their pattern instructions, it is because they have tried it and it worked. Therefore it is safest to use what they have suggested. However don't let that prevent you from trying new...

Why I Love FIMO®

How to Make Silicone Molds

Christi Friesen, polymer clay artist and guru, is here to teach a simple trick of how to make a silicone mold out of a two-part molding material for creating consistent jewelry components from found objects.

Layered Collage with Magic-Glos®

Follow along to learn how to layer resin to make a steampunk pendant. Renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka walks you through step by step on how to make this jewelry project with a bezel setting, texture stamps, polymer clay and Magic-Glos® UV...

How to Use a Bracelet Bending Tool

Cut your desired length of metal sheet or wire and place one end of the strip into the notch on the tool.

Signature Series Poly Bonder™ by Lisa Pavelka

In this jewelry-making product spotlight, see how to use award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka's versatile Signature Series Poly Bonder™ glue that is rated heat safe for baking with polymer clays.

Creating a Magic-Glos® Pendant with a Polymer Clay Steampunk Fish

Make a steampunk pendant with Christi Friesen, award-winning artist and instructor, as she walks you through this project using polymer clay, Magic-Glos® UV resin and mixed media jewelry supplies.

Using Magic-Glos® to Create a Glass-Like Surface

Lisa Pavelka, mixed media artist extraordinaire, shows how easy it is to give any flat surface a glass-like effect for jewelry making, even if it doesn’t have a bezel wall, thanks to the self-leveling UV resin called Magic-Glos®.

Everything's Swellegant in Metal!™ Coatings

Swellegant!™ metal coatings are made from pulverized metal so when you paint these products onto other jewelry materials, you create metal jewelry pieces. You’ll love all the possibilities of these flexible coatings as explained by award-winning...

Making a Simple Loop

Using round-nose pliers, grip the wire above the last bead added in your design or about 3/8 inch down from the end of a length of wire. Bend the wire to a 90 degree angle.

How to Use Resin in Open Settings

See how you can use Magic-Glos® UV resin in open, backless jewelry settings to create layered collages as prominent mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka walks you through this step-by-step jewelry-making project.

Making Beads with the Paper Bead Roller

Trim paper according to the type of bead you wish to create. (Refer to the sample panel of bead types below.)
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