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Focus: Paper Palooza

Master sculptor Brian Dettmer was pivotal in the paper book-sculpting movement, which has led to a brand-new style of jewelry.

Resin Jewelry

When in the hands of artists resin combines chemistry and creativity and leads to magical, gravity-defying pieces. Learn all about this top trend here.

Swellegant!™ Metal Coatings and Patinas Q and A

Swellegant™ has some interesting uses, but sometimes it's best to hear it from the mouth of the creator itself. That's why Swellegant themselves sat down to answer some questions for you!

Jewelry Curiosities Under Glass

One of the best things about mixed media artistry is how creative you can get. Have you ever considered creating a snow globe of yourself? What about a snow globe necklace? Find out more!

The Eras of Jewelry

Explore the differences between Victorian jewelry and Art Deco, Modern and Art Nouveau. Set the way-back-machine, because we're traveling through time for this one.

Make Your Own Inlay Jewelry Easy as 1-2-3

Inlay jewelry is a beautiful way to display stones without the use of traditional setting techniques. Learn more about this exciting trend.

Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®

Magic-Glos, from world-renowned jewelry artist Lisa Pavelka, is a magic mixture for polymer clay and mixed media artists. Find out some of the amazing uses of this wonder product inside.

Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Jewelry Supplies

Why make wind chimes with jewelry-making materials? Well, why not? Wind chimes provide a melodious tune and can be aesthetically pleasing--plus they make great gifts!

Cuff Bracelets: Great Gifts, Lots of Looks

The quest for "wow factor" gifts is amplified AND multiplied during the holiday season--and trendy cuff bracelets offer stylish eye candy that is easy to give and sure to please.

Intro to Leather

Have you never worked with leather before? It can be tough (heh) sometimes but don’t worry, Tammy Honaman is here to guide you like only a jewelry-making expert can.

Lock of Hair Jewelry

Jewelry artists are rediscovering the curious history of hairwork and hair lock jewelry. See how hair jewelry is being used in a range of modern-day style applications and commemorative creations.

The Art of Mixed Media Jewelry

Mixed media jewelry is the art of taking an object and giving it new life. Want to become a mixed media artist master? It all starts with an introduction to this extraordinary work of art.


Bezels are an ideal finding to use when you're working with cabochons and flat back crystals. Tammy Honaman, author and jewelry-making expert, is here to tell you all about them.

An Expert's Journey with Apoxie® Sculpt

Take a trip with Tim Cronkhite on the harrowing days leading up to his Apoxie® Sculpt class at the Bead and Button show, where it felt like everything was going wrong.
14 Resource(s) Found
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