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Inspired by the curled fossils of prehistoric plants, this pendant depicts a love that’s truly stood the test of time.
Sarah Machtey used a range of different polymer clays to create this colorful jewelry set and its self-containing storage container.
Susan Opie's nostalgic 2021 Jewelry-Making Contest entry features adorable, hand-sculpted renditions of everyone's favorite spud spouses.
Karen Nelson packs this quaint design with plenty of color and pattern for big visual impact on a tiny bird-shaped body.
Make a big, bold and posh statement with this frou-frou poodle necklace.
"Paint" with polymer clay. Experiment with focals by swirling colors of liquid polymer clay to create mesmerizing patterns and designs.
Simple and sweet, this orange lanyard is oh, so dreamy.
Inspired by the wet-drape sculpture technique from Ancient Greek and Roman artists, Leah Southerland created a frighteningly realistic face pendant from a sheet of polymer clay.
Inspired by the cubist women of Picasso's paintings, Susan Opie hand molded and painted this pair of artistic earrings.
Kristina Ilickovic used the love of her father and the independence of wildflowers as inspiration for this delicate, floral piece.
Embellish your business card holder to take evidence of your craft everywhere you go.
This polymer clay face is inspired by the Dominican Carnival character, Diablos Cojuelos, a naughty and playful demon who hits and frightens the audience with their balloons.
Using a blend of polymer clay, trick the eye to create the look of carved stone in this Inca-inspired design.
Serve up a hearty breakfast in polymer clay.
Made entirely of polyclay, the artistic creation of jewelry-designer by Carol Blackburn presses the limits of what you might imagine you can do with polymer clay.
Pack every inch of your design with detail using polymer clay.
This "Woodland Owl" polymer clay necklace is a hoot. View this contest piece up close to admire its intricate detailing.
Susan Opie honors many of art's most notable masters in her hand-painted polymer clay masterpiece.
Kit Skeoch's vibrant necklace reminded contest judges of saltwater taffy--a fitting description for a piece titled "Ochosi's Candy".
Everyone deserves a statement collar necklace, and this design shows why. Let "Cleopatra's Collar" inspire your next great jewelry design.
1034 Resources Found
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