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Polymer clays make color block jewelry designs easier than ever. Tap the inspiration of famous modern artists for this go-anywhere post-modern project.
Learn how to make this pendant by Christi Friesen using watch components, Premo! Sculpey® polymer clay and Magic-Glos®. Follow along to make your own pendant masterpieces.
Play with polymer clay as you create an adorable steampunk dolphin focal in this easy-to-follow project.
Learn how to transfer and preserve images in polymer clay designs with this fun Casablanca-inspired brooch project.
Use subtle cuts in layers of clay to create the dainty daisy designs displayed in this pendant set.
Create the look of carved, weathered stone using polymer clay and Swellegant!™ metal coatings.

Single-Strand Necklace with Premo! Sculpey® Polymer Clay, Gemstone Beads and Seed Beads

Polymer clay mimics the appearance of stone in this necklace and earring set. Gemstones and seed beads in earthy tones give this set a natural feeling.
Sweet roses in bloom juxtapose with smiling skull ornaments in a mixed media headband, bracelet and earring set. Created with polymer clay, wire and beads.
Create this stunning mandala brooch design by embellishing a premade metal floral focal. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions.
Welcome to the jungle! Create your own wild Kato Polyclay™ focal bead to incorporate into this unique, multi-strand necklace and bring out the tiger in you.
Love the look of lapis lazuli but not the price tag? Use Kato Polyclay™ to roll your own. Enjoy the freedom to add just the right amount of this signature pattern to your designs.
Practice creating polymer clay canes with this vibrant earring project. Roll together your favorite colors to make this design your own.
Polymer clay and Magic-Glos® resin come to life in this steampunk fish pendant. Add gears and beads in the watch casing to create depth and visual interest.
These hoop earrings have retro vibes with a novel use of polymer clay. That's right--the yellow ropes are clay! See how to make your own version with your favorite colors.
Create the look of polished metal using polymer clay and Swellegant!™ metal coatings.
Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese metalsmithing technique. Learn to mimic its resulting layers in jewelry by using a texture sheet and Kato Polyclay™.
The ghost town sheriff and his deputy are bone to be wild. Always racing to get ahead of the perps. But who's who? I guess that's up to boo.
Learn to create wood grain textures using polymer clay in this earthy bracelet project.
Make a patriotic polymer clay pinwheel with Rose, in-house jewelry designer. See how to make the necessary canes and put it all together for use in jewelry for Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and other occasions.
Capture the summertime fun of a day at the beach with this joyful bracelet. Judy Belcher shows you how to mix bright colors of Kato Polyclay™ to make festive ''candy-striped'' components.
71 Resources Found
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