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Why I Like Premo! Polymer Clay

Why I Love FIMO®

Polymer Clay Mica-Shift Technique

Using the JoolTool™ to Sand, Buff and Polish Polymer Clay

The Jooltool® does more than polish metal and gemstones; this polishing system can also put the finishing touches on polymer clay creations. See the steps to sand, buff and polish polyclay led by renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

How to Create a Molded Shape from Polymer Clay

For this polymer clay tip and jewelry-making tutorial, in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach explains how to bake molded clay shapes so your design stays the shape you want, rather than flattening out in the oven.

How to Make Foiled Polymer Clay Shapes

Lisa Pavelka, prominent mixed media artist, walks you through the steps on how to make dichroic looking clay projects all while using black Fimo® Professional polymer clay. Get all her tips and tricks for working with jewelry clay and craft foils in...

How to Use Molding Compound

Want to make replicas of some of your unique stations or other items? Learn how to use molding compound  to duplicate even fragile items. This is an excellent way to duplicate hard-to-find vintage buttons.

Conditioning Polymer Clay

Wow! Look at what you can create with Kato Polyclay. Make your own beads, unlike anything you've ever seen. Recreate the look of natural materials such as ivory, turquoise, jade, carnelian, agate, marble and lapis lazuli (to name but a few). You can...

Stamped and Steampunked Tin

Embellish a tin or other home décor box with some steampunk ideas and instructions from award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Jelly Roll Jewelry

Renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka walks you through the steps on how to design with a millefiori jelly roll cane made from polymer clay in this jewelry-making video tutorial.

How to Create a Christi Friesen Wig Wag Design

In this super-short and super-fun jewelry-making tutorial, polymer clay expert Christi Friesen shows how to make a clay wig wag, a roll of clay with wavy stripes to use in all sorts of jewelry projects.

Creating a Sheet of Kato Polyclay™ Clear Medium Liquid

Release Agents for Clays

Lisa Pavelka, award-winning mixed media artist, explains some tips on release agents for use with polymer clay so your jewelry clay doesn’t stick to stamps, molds, textures and more surfaces.

How to Clean, Condition and Sharpen Your Clay Blades

Keep your jewelry clay blades from getting dull and rusty by following these tips from renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka for cleaning, conditioning and cleaning your polymer clay blades the right way.

Creating a Polymer Clay Punk Turtle

It’s turtle time with award-winning artist and always-fun instructor Christi Friesen as she walks you through the steps to create a turtle pendant from polymer clay and give it some attitude with studs, mini hardware and more.

Creating a Crystal Guardian Dragon

Award-winning artist Christi Friesen walks you through some fun steps to create a custom polymer clay dragon from Premo! Sculpey® with basic jewelry clay molding techniques and tools.

Steampunk Factory

Make steampunk jewelry components out of polymer clay as you follow along with Lisa Pavelka in this jewelry-making project that includes how to make your cogs, keys and more look ancient, old or rusted with the help of Swllegant!™ metal coatings and...

Creating a Polymer Clay Carousel Horse Focal Bead

The exuberant, award-winning polymer clay artist Christi Friesen shows you how to make a jewelry clay carousel horse head focal piece from Premo! Sculpey® clay and Swarovski® crystal beads in this step-by-step tutorial.

Fimo® Professional Clay Iridescent Image Transfer

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka to create an iridescent image transfer pendant in this step-by-step jewelry project using Fimo® Professional polymer clay, craft foils and waterslide transfers.

Creating a Polymer Clay Steampunk Fish

Follow along with award-winning polymer clay artist Christi Friesen to make your own version of her clay steampunk fish project with Premo! Sculpey® in this step-by-step tutorial.
80 Resource(s) Found
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