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Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 10: Around and Around Donut Focal

Follow Christi as she leads you through this sparkling assemblage of a project and shows you the last two techniques to round out your polymer clay skill set.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 9: Starfish Doodle Pendant

Get ready to dive into polymer clay with this colorful undersea design. You'll gain an ocean of knowledge as Christi shows you a quick and easy technique for adding vibrancy and depth to your pieces.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 5: Secret Stone Brooch

Learn how to create a mysterious brooch in the fifth project of this series. Christi shows you how to create your own polymer clay bezel to capture your favorite cabochon in beautiful details.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 8: Impress Me Beads

Learn how create silicone molds and use ready-made texture mats to give your polymer clay beads new tactile dimension. Plus, how to emphasize depth using paint!

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 7: Bling Butterfly Focal

This blingy butterfly is the perfect project for practicing your rhinestone applications. Learn how to achieve brilliant sparkle with this mosaic-style embellishment.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 6: Stained Glass Heart Pendant

Learn how to hollow out a faux stone pendant to create a secret, wearable window. Simple canes and transparent clay create a stained glass look with a truly magical effect.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 4: Art Nouveau Vine Earrings

Learn how to bring depth to your sculpted forms with mica powder! You'll be amazed how this simple technique can bring big luster and added interest to your polymer clay pieces.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 3: Slab-tastic Earrings

Learn how this trendy pattern-making process makes mass-producing details a breeze. Simply roll out your base, create your design and cut!

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 2: Swirls and Jewels

Learn how to marble, twist and blend clay colors to create eye-catching patterns. Then take the detail a step further with jewels and pearls.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 1: Strata Beads

Christi Friesen leads us through the first project in the Secrets to Polymer Clay series--strata beads! Learn how to use simple canning and layered slices to easily form mesmerizing patters.

How to Create a Bullseye Cane Using Polymer Clay

Learn the basics of creating a bullseye cane with in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach. It's so easy!

Layered Collage with Magic-Glos®

Renowned mixed-media artist Lisa Pavelka shows you step by step how to make this steampunk pendant using a bezel setting, texture stamps, polymer clay and Magic-Glos® resin.

How to Create a Zipper Cane Using Polymer Clay

Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, explains how to make a zipper cane, a polymer clay cane that may look complex, but is actually simple--especially with step-by-step instructions from this tutorial.

How to Create a Molded Shape from Polymer Clay

For this polymer clay tip and jewelry-making tutorial, in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach explains how to bake molded clay shapes so your design stays the shape you want, rather than flattening out in the oven.

How to Bend or Curve Baked Polymer Clay

In-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach shows how to bend or curve a baked piece of polymer clay in case you ever bake polyclay into a specific shape only to realize the shape just won’t work with your jewelry project.

The Sutton Slice for Polymer Clay

Lisa Pavelka, renowned mixed media artist, is here with a sutton slice tutorial, one of her favorite polymer clay techniques. Follow along to make your own sutton slice design with Fimo® Professional clay and texture stamps.

Stamp-e-Gane Tool Embellishment

Embellish jewelry tool handles and much more in this tutorial using a take on mokume gane with Fimo® Professional polymer clay and texture stamps. Explained step by step by mixed media artist extraordinaire, Lisa Pavelka.

Quick and Simple Polymer Clay Cane Leaves

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka as she gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a millefiori cane out of Fimo® Professional polymer clay, which can be used as clay cane leaves in jewelry designs.

Polymer Clay Tips - Why Aren't My Stripes Like Her Stripes?

Learn the basics of how to make stripes with polymer clay in this step-by-step jewelry-making tutorial hosted by award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

How to Make Foiled Polymer Clay Shapes

Mixed-media artist Lisa Pavelka demonstrates how to make faux dichroic glass with polymer clay. Get her tips for working with clay and foils in this tutorial.
82 Resources Found
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