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Amanda Senger

I've mostly done all of my jewelry making as a hobby and a way to relieve stress for myself....

Polymer Clay

A plastic sculpting material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), used to create jewelry beads and components. Kato Polyclay® is a brand of polymer clay.

Esther Pollock

Meet Esther, one of the talented full-time jewelry artists who creates the amazing pieces you see in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Catalog Supplements and in the Gallery of Designs....
This polymer clay face is inspired by the Dominican Carnival character, Diablos Cojuelos, a naughty and playful demon who hits and frightens the audience with their balloons.
Sarah Machtey used a range of different polymer clays to create this colorful jewelry set and its self-containing storage container.
Using a blend of polymer clay, trick the eye to create the look of carved stone in this Inca-inspired design.
Make a big, bold and posh statement with this frou-frou poodle necklace.
Play with polymer clay techniques to create energetic patterns inspired by these masterfully blended beads.
Inspired by the cubist women of Picasso's paintings, Susan Opie hand molded and painted this pair of artistic earrings.
Inspired by the curled fossils of prehistoric plants, this pendant depicts a love that’s truly stood the test of time.
Made entirely of polyclay, the artistic creation of jewelry-designer by Carol Blackburn presses the limits of what you might imagine you can do with polymer clay.
Use polymer clay to make donut rings for one-of-a-kind treats.
Let these snakes slither into your wardrobe for a major statement. Created using polymer clay, these snakes are certainly charming.
Make a yummy pair of glazed donut earrings with polymer clay. Add seed bead sprinkles for an extra sweet look.

What is Kato Polyclay™ used for?

Kato Polyclay™ is a clay-like material made from polyvinyl chloride and colorful pigments. This polymer clay can be shaped to create some amazing...

Get Cozy with Knit Polymer Clay

Take your polymer clay skills to cozy new levels with this knit trend. Learn how to incorporate knit clay techniques into your jewelry lines and more with this article.

Bake Kato Polyclay™, How-To

Baking polymer clay is one of the most important steps. Learn proper temperatures and techniques with these instructions.
"Jest Dance" by Beth Wegener took home the Grand Prize Bronze Medal with its lifelike details and precise craftsmanship.
Kit Skeoch's vibrant necklace reminded contest judges of saltwater taffy--a fitting description for a piece titled "Ochosi's Candy".

Acrylic Slat Conversion

Easily convert acrylic slat sizes to make rolling out your polymer clay easier than ever.
1187 Resources Found
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