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Sarah Machtey used a range of different polymer clays to create this colorful jewelry set and its self-containing storage container.
Make a big, bold and posh statement with this frou-frou poodle necklace.
Inspired by the curled fossils of prehistoric plants, this pendant depicts a love that’s truly stood the test of time.
Play with polymer clay techniques to create energetic patterns inspired by these masterfully blended beads.
Simple and sweet, this orange lanyard is oh, so dreamy.
Celebrate warm autumn hues with the rich colors and floral shapes of this bib-style necklace.
This polymer clay face is inspired by the Dominican Carnival character, Diablos Cojuelos, a naughty and playful demon who hits and frightens the audience with their balloons.
Using a blend of polymer clay, trick the eye to create the look of carved stone in this Inca-inspired design.
Made entirely of polyclay, the artistic creation of jewelry-designer by Carol Blackburn presses the limits of what you might imagine you can do with polymer clay.
Inspired by the wet-drape sculpture technique from Ancient Greek and Roman artists, Leah Southerland created a frighteningly realistic face pendant from a sheet of polymer clay.
Kristina Ilickovic used the love of her father and the independence of wildflowers as inspiration for this delicate, floral piece.
Everyone deserves a statement collar necklace, and this design shows why. Let "Cleopatra's Collar" inspire your next great jewelry design.
Embellish your business card holder to take evidence of your craft everywhere you go.
Inspired by the cubist women of Picasso's paintings, Susan Opie hand molded and painted this pair of artistic earrings.
These whimsical polymer clay earrings are darling and fun to wear. View this design titled, "Fly Amanita Mushrooms" for endless inspiration.
Who invaded who in this sci-fi inspired sculpture from Rachel G.?
Serve up a hearty breakfast in polymer clay.
Impress your favorite quote or message into metal clay to re-create your own version of this pendant.
Pack every inch of your design with detail using polymer clay.
"Paint" with polymer clay. Experiment with focals by swirling colors of liquid polymer clay to create mesmerizing patterns and designs.
Use polymer clay to make donut rings for one-of-a-kind treats.
This monochrome design is simple and sleek--a perfect fit for the modern fashionista.
Kit Skeoch's vibrant necklace reminded contest judges of saltwater taffy--a fitting description for a piece titled "Ochosi's Candy".
Susan Opie's nostalgic 2021 Jewelry-Making Contest entry features adorable, hand-sculpted renditions of everyone's favorite spud spouses.
This "Woodland Owl" polymer clay necklace is a hoot. View this contest piece up close to admire its intricate detailing.
Karen Nelson packs this quaint design with plenty of color and pattern for big visual impact on a tiny bird-shaped body.
Susan Opie honors many of art's most notable masters in her hand-painted polymer clay masterpiece.
Fishing for the perfect gift for a sushi lover? Sink your creative teeth into these polymer clay earrings for some artistic umami.
Let these snakes slither into your wardrobe for a major statement. Created using polymer clay, these snakes are certainly charming.
Seemingly plucked from an undersea garden, these bumpy blooms put a pearlescent pop of color into any outfit.
Make a yummy pair of glazed donut earrings with polymer clay. Add seed bead sprinkles for an extra sweet look.
"Jest Dance" by Beth Wegener took home the Grand Prize Bronze Medal with its lifelike details and precise craftsmanship.
Atsumi's "Leap Before You Look" takes inspiration from Japanese folklore and W. H. Auden's similarly named poem to celebrate a sense of adventure and courage.
Let these serpent earrings slither their way into your wardrobe. View these stunning polymer clay creations up close for artistic inspiration.
Create a piece inspired by this "Carnival of Art" beaded by Sherry Serafini.
This dainty leaf design is the perfect spring accessory, with glistening leaves and lustrous pearls.
Combine Omni-gel and Kato Polyclay™ with this simple but effective brooch design.
Wear your butterfly garden on your sleeve with this floral cuff.
A polymer clay bird dusted with mica powder perfectly complements the luminous sheen of the mother-of-pearl mosaics.
Learn how to create American flag bunting swag with polymer clay. Create this popular patriotic display in a red, white and blue gemstone jewelry set.
It looks like a vase, but don't be deceived. This amazingly detailed leaf bud is actually a storage box.
Marilyn Morrison's "Steampunk Flavored Tea" sculpture captured attention with labor-intensive 360° details, textures and creative additions.
Celebrate Lunar New Year with this pair of bright red and yellow earrings, embellished with festive drops.
Let a color scheme inspire your work, like the blue and purple hues swirled into this polymer clay necklace.
Re-create the monochromatic patterns in this mesmerizing design to captivate your customers.
Press polymer clay into the back of metal cutout components to add color and an extra touch of creativity.
Take a walk through the Garden of Eden in this tempting pair of earrings.
Tina Hauer uses polymer clay and cupchain to form her own Arizona-inspired cabochons for this earthy necklace.
Make this glamorous spiked set to bring an interesting contrast of spring hues and edgy components to your look.
Look closely. Can you spot the camouflaged sea horses swimming amongst the polymer coral in Starsha Battrick's jewelry set?
Use polymer clay to re-create the mysterious geometric patterns of crop circles as monochromatic pendants.
The kick is good with this adorable American football-themed necklace complete with a tiny polymer clay referee.
Create this moody set using patinaed metal sheet and alluring Czech glass beads.
Fill these tiny Easter basket earrings with colorful clay eggs to celebrate the springtime season.
Give this flower cutout color with blends of floral polymer clay hues.
An exotic polymer clay serpent slithers through a thicket of wood beads for a totally wild look.
Don’t worry about wilting with this polymer clay plant display. Complete the scene with a rendition of your favorite insect, like a dainty butterfly.
This heavenly creature emerges from a sky made of seed beads to for a celestial-inspired focal.
Laura Burlis' three-dimensional décor design features the four doors, with each highlighting a different season.
Gear-up gorgeous and look closer at the hidden mechanics at the center of this polymer clay heart pendant.
Complement the mother-of-pearl beads in this seaside-inspired jewelry set with polymer clay shells.
Laura Tillbery captures a lively undersea scene in her polymer clay piece "Ocean Delight."
A little bit out there, this wacky pair of earrings packs plenty of personality.
Adorable ceramic animals tread two-by-two towards the polymer clay arc of this biblically inspired necklace.
Create the look of carved, weathered stone using polymer clay and Swellegant!™ metal coatings.
Use polymer clay to re-create the mysterious geometric patterns of crop circles as monochromatic pendants.
The metallic bronze pigments beautifully complement the turquoise beads of this polymer clay and gemstone necklace.
This calavera de arcilla polimérica is sweet and simple.
Robin Young twists clay and seed beads into a beautiful bracelet inspired by the forest’s spring blooms.
Decorate gemstone cabochons with polymer clay and beads to form a beautiful and functional focal.
Create your next statement piece using bold polymer clay colors and patterns. Easily build up layers for beautiful 3D designs. Inlay strands of beads for added shine.
Bringing new meaning to "clock face," this design by Deborah Hutchison is definitely a conversation starter.
Pair this jewelry set with your favorite little black dress for just the right POP of color.
Beth Wegener depicts a realistic and dimensional view of a highway school house using blends of polymer clay.
Make and embellish your own beads inspired by this tropical design.
Kathy Weaver's necklace delivers a colorful walk through a polymer clay glen of bright blossoms and gilded leaves.
Tinker with polymer clay and mechanical components to form the industrial feel of this wing pendant.
These earrings are in full bloom with polymer clay blossoms flecked with glitter.
Chic, simple and modern, this pair of earrings is both stylish and versatile.
Create cool, contemporary, wearable works of art when you play with stripes and spots! Learn how to create inlaid patterning and hollow form construction in this exciting project.
A dainty dragonfly flitters through the crystal star sky in this pair of polymer clay earrings.
Learn to create wood grain textures using polymer clay in this earthy bracelet project.
Inspired by forest shepherds of old, this necklace design lets the dreams of trees unfold, and keeps you connected to the woodland halls with the cool touch of aventurine beads.
Clever word play comes to life in this punny little polymer clay creation.
Lorrene Baum-Davis tricks your eye using polymer clay components in her design "Sticks and Stones."
Joyce Massengill Guy uses polymer clay to sculpt this doll's features and bring the piece to life.
Create the look of weathered metal using polymer clay and Swellegant!™ metal coatings.
Give polymer clay links a glossy sheen with an resin topcoat, like in this black and white bracelet.
Inspired by the colorful and elaborate patterns of Arabian fabric, Teresa Pandora Salgado created this night light.
Even the cords are clay! Everyone was immediately impressed with Kathy Bingaman's texturally diverse "Earth Goddess" necklace.
Use polymer clay to re-create the mysterious geometric patterns of crop circles as monochromatic pendants.
This piece is a vibrant assemblage of pink shades brought together with a dazzling crystal, for a kaleidoscope effect.
Kim Detmers' "Boho Fairy Door Pixie Portal" adds a colorful and whimsical touch to the walls of your home.
Form your own shimmering butterfly to use as a cute necklace focal in your next design.
Add some sparkle and shine to your holiday décor with this dazzling ornament design.
Subtle studs protrude from the complex pattern of this chunky bracelet design.
Add an extra touch of forest magic by brushing polymer clay elements with mica powder to achieve the metallic shine of this leafy set.
Bring the magic of a moonlit garden to the side table of your home with this embellished lamp by Becky Miller.
Perfect for everyday pride and summer celebrations, this rainbow set is a great way to make a colorful statement and show off the true you.
With its unique polymer clay creations and steampunk style, Robin Young's museum-quality necklace stole the show and the gold medal grand prize.
1033 Resources Found
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