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NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! Changing up your Jewelry-Making (among other things)

In this article, author Kristal Wick suggests ways to incorporate those strict New Year’s resolutions into your jewelry-making routines.

Style Snapshot: Shark Week

Shark tooth jewelry has made quite the comeback. Learn how to use natural teeth or handmade varieties in jewelry with this article.

Style Snapshot: Miniatures

Dive into the trend of miniatures with this inspirational article. Discover the techniques and materials to incorporate tiny pieces into your designs.

Carmex Teams with Artist Lisa Pavelka for 365 Days of Lip Service

Explore some of the awe-inspiring designs Lisa Pavelka made in collaboration with Carmex® in this article. Polymer clay and other components were used to embellish a year’s worth of lip balm containers.

Marketing with Displays: Color Theory

According to the psychology of color, people are emotionally affected by different colors and combinations. Learn how to use color theory to boost your jewelry marketing efforts.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Choosing a design for handmade ornaments can be difficult. Check out this article for a few ornament ideas that use common jewelry-making supplies.

The Best Polymer Clay for You

How do you know which polymer clay is the right one to use? This article compares the top clay brands so you know which works best for your jewelry-making projects.

What is Polymer Clay?

Want to know more about polymer clay? Read on to learn what it’s made of, what it can be used for and how to cure clay designs.

Sweets Décor Jewelry

Appease your sweet tooth with this candy-cute article detailing different sweet-themed jewelry pieces. Just try not to get a sugar rush before you can go making your own confectionary creations.

The Right Adhesive for the Job

This detailed article explains the best adhesives for a variety of projects. Learn tips and techniques suited to your design needs.

Style Snapshot: The Octopus Jewelry Trend

Octopuses usually live at the bottom of the sea, but they've also taken shelter in jewelry designs. This article shows why octopus jewelry is worth the hype.

Liquid Polymer Clay: Oh the Design Possibilities

Learn to use liquid polymer clay with this article. With the right materials and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

The Art of Mixed Media Jewelry

Mixed media jewelry is the art of taking an object and giving it new life. Want to become a mixed media artist master? It all starts with an introduction to this extraordinary work of art.

Style Snapshot: Red Hot

The color red has both creative and cultural significance. Learn how to use this fiery color in your designs.

Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces

Gemstones have seen a massive increase in popularity, especially in "contained" styles. Discover different variations of this popular design and how to create them.

Blending Colors in Polymer

Mixing your own polymer clay colors can make it difficult to match shades. This article by Tammy Honaman shows a new, easy way to blend the right colors every time.

Style Snapshot: Trend Flash! Yummy Yellow

Have you noticed how much fun the color yellow can be? Explore this color's many uses in this article.

Jewelry Curiosities Under Glass

One of the best things about mixed media artistry is how creative you can get. Have you ever considered creating a snow globe of yourself? What about a snow globe necklace? Find out more!

Style Snapshot: Fruity Fun

Refresh your jewelry designs with fruit-themed creations. From grapes to pineapples, watermelons and more, jewelry has never been so sweet.

Polymer Clay Tools

Working with polymer clay can be a hassle without the right tools. This article discusses the most important tools for polymer clay and the design possibilities they provide.

Tips and Tricks of Magic-Glos®

Magic-Glos, from world-renowned jewelry artist Lisa Pavelka, is a magic mixture for polymer clay and mixed media artists. Find out some of the amazing uses of this wonder product inside.

Trend Flash: Bugging Out

Nature is always a source of jewelry inspiration--including bugs. Read on to see how to use insect shapes, colors and more in your designs.

More Than Jewelry: What Else Can You Make?

Are you looking to make something besides traditional jewelry? Read on for ways to use jewelry-making materials for a variety of new designs.

Style Snapshot: The Eyes (and Lips) Have It

Eyes and lips are used in popular fashion on everything from clothing to purses and of course, jewelry. This article discusses ways to incorporate them into your designs.

Candy Corn Drops: Necklace and Dangle Earring Set Featuring Celestial Crystal Beads and Polymer Clay Candy Corn Drops

Candy Corn--it's not just for Halloween candy. Make Candy corn from polymer clay! Here's how.

Blending Fimo® Polymer Clay Colors

This handy article provides a blending chart for popular Fimo® polymer clay colors. Directions for each of the many colors are included!

Memorial Jewelry

Honor those who have passed with a personalized piece of memorial jewelry. Learn about popular styles and how to create them.

Hand-Stamped Jewelry Art

Learn how to use stamping tools and supplies to create hand-stamped components for personalized jewelry, scrapbook pages, home décor and more. It's all about creating meaningful marks in a mass-produced world.
28 Resource(s) Found
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