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Use seed bead embroidery to bring personality to otherwise basic shirts. This style is perfect for Southwestern-inspired looks or gifts!
Let this magnificent seed bead necklace inspire your next jewelry project. View "Wisdom in Flight" up close to truly appreciate the beauty of this work.
Bobbie Yoakum's "Joyce's Bug-a-Boo" necklace features adorable seed-beaded insects and flowers on a loomed background, forming a truly one-of-a-kind design.
How adorable is this beaded purse from designer Nancy VanDerPuy?! Seed beads were used to stitch a scene of Avalon.
This banded bracelet seems simple but could be used to create a wearable barcode with secret, sentimental, or important medical symbols hidden in plain sight!
Jewelry designer Joyce Dodson says, "I love to create … almost compelled to create." We're glad she felt compelled to make this darling Butterfly and Flowers bracelet.
Inspired by the fidelity of true, lasting and unforgettable love, Lia Dipaola creates a precious set of jewels one might present as a token of deep admiration.
Take a trip to the southern coasts of Africa with Chelsey Fry's cuff bracelet. Beautiful tigereye provides a glowing backdrop for beaded butterflies and flowers native to the region.
Beading expert Deborah Roberti brings us this bright and airy design ideal for adding color and texture to your outfit.
Lisa Martinez turned accident into inspiration when her beads spilled together, creating this lustrous seed bead bracelet.
Explore the Pleiades star cluster through this stunning necklace by designer Ryoko Dowling, a silver medal-winning piece that intertwines history, culture and astronomy.
These elegant, sweeping earrings add dramatic flare with their gradient color-scheme and graduated seed bead fringe.
Don't try to pick these blackberries to eat, they're expertly crafted from seed beads by designer Bettye Monzo.
Yes, handbags can be jewelry, too! Designer Teresa Ford created a patchwork purse with a rainbow selection of seed beads.
What amazing creature would emerge from such a colorful beaded cocoon? This intriguing design spawns many a whimsical idea.
Inspired by the fish of the same name, "Parrot Fish" features a vibrant color palette reminiscent of tropical fish scales shimmering beneath the ocean waves.
In part 2 of the Secrets to Seed Beading series, learn how to use the ladder, brick and fringe stitches to create a pair of vibrant earrings.
Let this butterfly wrap bracelet inspire your seed bead creations with its mesmerizing design. Butterfly motifs are always in demand and are a beautiful symbol of rebirth and spiritual growth.
Half Tila beads give you new ways to create texture and contrast in jewelry designs, just like in this example from Miyuki.
Cooler months mean an opportunity for fashionable shawls. This beaded Swirl design from Cindy Pankopf is everything and more one could want from their autumn wrap.
991 Resources Found
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