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This seed bead bracelet design is Packed with Intrigue. What do you see? Fireworks exploding? A two-headed dragon?
What amazing creature would emerge from such a colorful beaded cocoon? This intriguing design spawns many a whimsical idea.
Each bead in this unique necklace was seed-beaded by hand. This becomes even more impressive when you view each bead up close.
Create a unique lidded vessel (or seed bead your favorite aromatherapy pendant) with your favorite color of seed beads.
Allow creativity to bloom with these blushing blossoms to inspire your next floral jewelry project.
Shine like the star you are, or comet rather, with a design like A Comet Glow that uses amazing sprays of Swarovski and seed beads.
How cute is Humming Bird on the Fly from designer Bernice Miller? A two-sided design gives the wearer options!
This design utilizes the natural beauty of sea creatures, making it a favorite of the judges in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2020 featuring Seed Beads.
This is a Waterfall to chase. Designer Darka Jakymchuk used seed beads, Swarovski pearls, and amazonite gemstones for this serene piece.
Celebrate the summer solstice in true Celtic fashion with Orna Gilchrist's beaded cuff bracelet. Inspired by traditional knot artwork, this piece honors both aesthetics and culture.
Poppies Field is a one-dimensional take on florals from designer OryOSOM, and is completely eye catching!
This brooch shows off your spooky side! A beaded witch hat and shawl frame a partially-obscured face in this contest finalist's design.
A spiral of Swarovski crystals seem to spin outward from a rich turquoise cabochon center in this cocktail ring that is sure to get noticed.
How adorable is this beaded purse from designer Nancy VanDerPuy?! Seed beads were used to stitch a scene of Avalon.
Blue goldstone chips and turquoise seed beads create a highly textured and eye-catching necklace from the mind of jewelry designer Ksenia Amador.
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.
Let's get dimensional! Mermaid Cuff from designer Barbara Briggs uses seed beads to create eye-catching structure.
Beauty and the Beads' creation celebrates human diversity in all its forms with unique geometric shapes and an eye-catching color palette.
Nearly everything can be beaded. Designer Lydia Peedin brought beads to a guitar strap to great effect, creating visual stimulation to accompany musical enjoyment.
Chunky jewelry with an airy beaded twist, this bracelet packs a bulky silhouette composed of tiny beaded rings.
937 Resource(s) Found
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