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Beadalon® Jewel Loom™ Beading Loom Tips

Explore five different beading loom tips specific to the Beadalon® Jewel Loom™, including how to secure the ends of your design, how to add a ribbon clasp and other looming techniques.

How to make a Tubular Peyote Stitch

Thread on eight seed beads. Bring the seed beads toward the end of the thread, leaving a 6-inch tail.

How to use the Speedy Stringer™

String beads quickly and efficiently using the Speedy Stringer. Pour beads into the bowl, then spin them onto wire or thread. They will be strung quickly, leaving you with more time for crocheting, knitting, loom weaving and other designing!...

Right-Angle Weave

These instructions are for using four beads in the right-angle weave pattern.

Warping a Loom

Not sure how to warp a loom, also known as setting the threads in a loom for weaving? In-house jewelry designer Rose shows you just how easy it is to get a warped loom in no time. No matter which projects appeal to you the most, from simple...

How to make a Peyote Stitch

String on one bead, pass the needle through the next-to-last bead strung on the thread then pull the thread so the new bead and the last bead from the previous row are stacked on top of each other.

Diamond Chain

Here are some instructions on how to make a diamond chain:

How to make the Daisy Chain Stitch

How to Make a Brick Stitch

How to Weave Beads on a Mirrix Loom

See how to weave beads on a Mirrix loom with and without the shedding device in this detailed tutorial courtesy of the manufacturer.

Ladder Stitch, How-To

Ladder stitch is used to create the first row for many stitches, including brickstitch and herringbone. It can also be used on its own to be worked to whatever length you like. There are many variations on how to create the ''ladder,'' this tutorial...
11 Resource(s) Found
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