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In part 2 of the Secrets to Seed Beading series, learn how to use the ladder, brick and fringe stitches to create a pair of vibrant earrings.
Casting your net for beaded inspiration? This netted seed bead bracelet design may be just what you were searching for.
Designer Elena Landzberg was inspired by her daughter's allergies to create this bracelet, forming intricate, hypoallergenic blooms that will last a lifetime.
Re-imagine classic designs of the 70s with this pair of seed beads earrings. Muted shades of green, orange and purple give off a groovy vibe.
AnGeGi Soutache's "Rodeo" pays homage to Texan history, Native American beadwork and all the fanciful frills of rodeo culture.
Explore the Pleiades star cluster through this stunning necklace by designer Ryoko Dowling, a silver medal-winning piece that intertwines history, culture and astronomy.
Yes, handbags can be jewelry, too! Designer Teresa Ford created a patchwork purse with a rainbow selection of seed beads.
Diane McPhee's "Theo" immortalizes the memory of a beloved furry friend. Vivid seed bead stitches paint a picture of a kind, loving animal.
Decorate an avant-garde hat with seed bead leaves and pops of color along ruffled edges with this design.
Geometry and seed beads unite for an incredible necklace with three-dimensional structure from designer Kathy King.
Beading expert Deborah Roberti brings us this bright and airy design ideal for adding color and texture to your outfit.
Inspired by the ups and downs of modern life, Laura Silverman's "Don't Triangulate" artfully applies color theory to peyote stitch for splendid results.
This design utilizes the natural beauty of sea creatures, making it a favorite of the judges in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2020 featuring Seed Beads.
Jump in on the modern geometric jewelry trend with this gorgeous bracelet. The strategic shading and twisting forms make it difficult to discern where one angle stops and the others begin.
According to Baltic mythology, Austeja is the goddess of bees and stands as a symbol of friendship. Ezartesa's gold medal-winning bracelet keeps this benevolent queen close by.
Create a unique lidded vessel (or seed bead your favorite aromatherapy pendant) with your favorite color of seed beads.
Looking for the perfect clutch purse? Try making your own. Take inspiration from designer Teresa Ford's patchwork clutch purse with gold button closure.
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.
Brick-stitched seed beads form a sleek geometric bracelet in a design that's understated enough to blend in with numerous styles.
Suzanne Neve weaves an intricate mix of seed beads and crystals to form this geometric necklace. The piece came together while in quarantine and was inspired by the strength of united individuals.
960 Resource(s) Found
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