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The trying times of a global pandemic inspired Tawny Druar to create this "Momma Bear" face mask with exquisite seed bead work. This meaningful design elicits emotion, celebrates art, and reminds us we all matter.
Inspired by the natural beauty of paua shells found in New Zealand, Christina Brown's peyote stitched cuff bracelet features a myriad of awe-inspiring colors.
Queen of the Nile
Gaze into the bursting beaded mandala focal of this beautiful necklace design. Create dimensional texture by building up layers within this pattern.
Take a run through the jungle with this beaded tiger purse. "Hunting by Moonlight" is bound to draw attention with its realistic portrayal of such a fierce creature.
Half Tila beads give you new ways to create texture and contrast in jewelry designs, just like in this example from Miyuki.
Nearly everything can be beaded. Designer Lydia Peedin brought beads to a guitar strap to great effect, creating visual stimulation to accompany musical enjoyment.
Laura Silverman's "Mother Earth" uses an exciting assemblage of seed beads, gemstones and cord to re-create the stunning natural beauty of our planet.
Take a trip downtown with this stunning bib necklace by designer Delia Cepoi. Seed beads, gemstones and more in a muted palette form an arial view of a nighttime cityscape.
How adorable is this beaded purse from designer Nancy VanDerPuy?! Seed beads were used to stitch a scene of Avalon.
Let Yvette Jones' "Silver Flapper Choker" inspire your next seed bead project. You'll love how this choker accentuates the neckline and back and adds flair to any off-shoulder top, dress or pantsuit.
Geometry and seed beads unite for an incredible necklace with three-dimensional structure from designer Kathy King.
Inspired by the vivid colors of the gemstone cabochons, Krafty Max created the look of a frozen rainbow in her icy jewelry set.
What amazing creature would emerge from such a colorful beaded cocoon? This intriguing design spawns many a whimsical idea.
Bead this bunch of thistle blooms to adorn your favorite sweater or lapel for a touch of rustic flair.
Celebrate the summer solstice in true Celtic fashion with Orna Gilchrist's beaded cuff bracelet. Inspired by traditional knot artwork, this piece honors both aesthetics and culture.
Designer Elena Landzberg was inspired by her daughter's allergies to create this bracelet, forming intricate, hypoallergenic blooms that will last a lifetime.
Make this Potawatomi stitch seed bead bracelet that’s full of color and fun.
Brick-stitched seed beads form a sleek geometric bracelet in a design that's understated enough to blend in with numerous styles.
Add creative beady touches to anything and everything. Take for instance this handbag made delightful with splashing dolphins created by designer Bernita J. Barborka.
This design utilizes the natural beauty of sea creatures, making it a favorite of the judges in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2020 featuring Seed Beads.
This shimmering seed bead necklace was inspired by a happy memory between mother and son. Watch the sea turtle swim among the reef in Kylie Drapala's design.
Inspired by the natural edge of nature, this prickly necklace features a twisted bouquet of thistle flowers.
Jade Sergi's beautiful necklace, "Autumn Blossoms" is inspired by the intricate patterns of French beaded flowers.
Designer Yan Yee Winnie Ho created a crown-reminiscent ring fit for royalty with golden Crystal Passions pearls set in a woven band of silver seed beads.
Suzanne Neve weaves an intricate mix of seed beads and crystals to form this geometric necklace. The piece came together while in quarantine and was inspired by the strength of united individuals.
Magali Palacio created a one-of-a-kind bracelet with seed beads and Crystal Passions with inspiration from Mother Nature.
Yes, handbags can be jewelry, too! Designer Teresa Ford created a patchwork purse with a rainbow selection of seed beads.
Femme Foxale is a delightful necklace design from Lauren Butler. Using seed beads for a dimensional effect brings the beaded fox to life.
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.
Diane McPhee's "Theo" immortalizes the memory of a beloved furry friend. Vivid seed bead stitches paint a picture of a kind, loving animal.
What better to be inspired by than the very Earth itself? Designer Virginia Bracht painted a world map with seed beads as her palette.
Let this butterfly wrap bracelet inspire your seed bead creations with its mesmerizing design. Butterfly motifs are always in demand and are a beautiful symbol of rebirth and spiritual growth.
Poppies Field is a one-dimensional take on florals from designer OryOSOM, and is completely eye catching!
Increase the perceived value of your jewelry. Here, the artist has replicated the look of the crystal-set clasp to create a luxurious, cohesive bracelet.
This banded bracelet seems simple but could be used to create a wearable barcode with secret, sentimental, or important medical symbols hidden in plain sight!
Jump in on the modern geometric jewelry trend with this gorgeous bracelet. The strategic shading and twisting forms make it difficult to discern where one angle stops and the others begin.
This seed bead bracelet design is Packed with Intrigue. What do you see? Fireworks exploding? A two-headed dragon?
Svetlana Dubinsky's Art Nouveau-inspired necklace is a glittering representation of the triumph of nature in sparkling crystals and seed beads.
Show off your skills with this peacock-patterned purse goes all out with its bold bead and crystal detailing.
Simply Elegant is the perfect name for this delicate and darling necklace from designer Diane McPhee. It’s beautiful for all special occasions, especially weddings.
If you were wondering what else there is to bead, how about clothes? No, not like adding beads to clothes. Literally beaded clothing.
Casting your net for beaded inspiration? This netted seed bead bracelet design may be just what you were searching for.
Don't you just love the asymmetrical design of Earth Flowers from Virginia Bracht? The colors are beautiful, too!
Create a unique lidded vessel (or seed bead your favorite aromatherapy pendant) with your favorite color of seed beads.
An amazing amount of time and effort went into the creation of Louis XV, a stitched necklace from designer Aja Berger.
"Rain Season" features intricate beadwork on removable panels. These shoes can be converted from simple beaded sandals to showstopping costume pieces!
Take your desk from drab to fab by dressing up your favorite pen with a patterned seed bead sleeve.
Wear each of these necklaces separately or all together. Designer Kathy King knows that the people want options!
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