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Handing Out Wisdom

Comic Lily Tomlin once observed that society couldn’t function if we all grew up to be what we dreamed of as children: ''Imagine a world populated by nothing but nurses and ballerinas, firemen and cowboys! Who would pick up the trash?'' That wry...

Reducing the Risk of Small Business Pitfalls

New entrepreneurs are often full of motivation and ambition, but lack the experience necessary to avoid amateur mistakes within the first few months of operating a small beading business. Extensive planning and working with a mentor can help, but...

To Copyright or Trademark That is the Question

The differences between copyright and trademark, and which to choose to protect your creative designs, are explained by Daniel Grant from Handmade Business magazine.

How to Get Your Foot Inside the Retail Door

Consignment is tricky--chapters have been devoted to presenting information on getting it right. The most important fact is understanding that you are essentially lending your work to the retailer. Just as banks are careful about making loans, you...

Creating an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Once you have decided to turn your love of small beading into a business, the next step is to begin creating plans to ensure the success of your company. Developing a business plan is a good start, but formulating a marketing plan is also necessary...

Important Factors to Consider Prior to Beginning a Small Business

Many people become excited at the prospect of starting their own beading business, especially those who have spent much of their lives fine-tuning their crafting skills. However, entrepreneurship is a career path that requires risk-taking and...

The most important factor in maintaining a small business is creating and sticking to a budget. Read on for a step-by-step explanation of how to...

Budget Building 101

Gauging your Potential Skills as a Professional Entrepreneur

Many people believe that they have what it takes to start a small business, and the fact of the matter is that anyone can enter the field of entrepreneurship. However, assessing your strengths and weaknesses is the key to whether you will succeed in...

The Price is Right

Learn the art of pricing your products to make a profit. This article explains the importance of factoring in all the labor, material and overhead costs for each hand-crafted item.

Tips on Learning from Mistakes as a First-Time Entrepreneur

Many people are interested in starting a small beading business, but it can be intimidating to dive into the world of entrepreneurship for the first time. Patience is a virtue in this field of work, and learning from your mistakes is just another...

Can Your Craft Business Support a Family?

Tired of your day job? It might be time to start exploring the idea of full-time self-employment through your home craft business. Consider these factors before making the leap.

5 Basic Steps to Turn Your Hobby into a Legitimate Business

If you're already using a name you'll want to check with the North Carolina Secretary of State's office to be sure no one else is already using the same name. Take a look at for leads to this information. There are a number of...

Considering a Formal Education in Entrepreneurship

Whether you want to become the next beading industry leader or just a personal go-to company in your neighborhood, there is a great debate as to whether entrepreneurship can be taught. Recently, a study conducted by Babson College found that...

Get Your Juices Moving

Teaching others how to create--that's Alissa Henrickson's outlet. "We all work for our art. It's a labor of love," says Henrickson. "No one is an artist overnight." Henrickson is the owner and founder of Creative Juices Artisan Shoppe, located in...

Starting a Business Based on Facts, Not Fantasy

Learn one of the most prominent reasons why artisan businesses fail or succeed. It all comes down to whether the artist created a business plan before taking the plunge.

Find Your Audience!

Pin-pointing your niche market is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. On its own, your handmade art or craftwork--the needle--is shiny, creative, and one-of-a-kind. However, buried in the haystack of your competitors, it becomes a game of...

Asking the Big Questions Before Beginning a Small Business

Many people with an interest in jewelry-making use their skills to open up their own shops, but not everyone who opens a business is successful. There are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself before you take the big step to open a...

The Evolution of Artistry

Jewelry is always evolving, and four artists sat down with Handmade Business magazine to explore how their craft has changed over the years to keep up.

Proper Packaging Pays Off

After your creations are packaged in a pretty manner it's time to ship them to their destination. Explore this article for practical ways to keep product safe during transit.

The Struggle is Real

How often do you toil over pricing your handmade products? Finding your profit ''sweet spot'' involves a thorough evaluation of the cost of materials, your time, and artistic value. It's a judgment call unique for every artist and craftsperson, but...
43 Resource(s) Found
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