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Wild by Design

Before we begin, and this might be something that will be referenced several times throughout this article: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads sources all our animal products, be it bone, leather, feathers or anything else, in ethically only ways. Our...

Jewelry-Making Clays: Compare and Contrast

There are a lot of polymer clay brands for jewelry-making on the market. How do you know which polymer clay you should use? In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the top clay brands so you know which works best for your jewelry-making...

Ergonomics for Beaders

- equipment and practices designed for the human body to prevent injury as well as optimize well-being and performance. As those of us who often get lost in our work sometimes come to realize: beading for long periods of time can cause pain. This...

The Increasing Demand of Silver

Have you ever paid attention to those boisterous TV commercials offering to buy your gold and silver? There's a good reason why precious metal buyers are becoming more abundant and it has to do with demand and price increases. Now, before any of us...

Traveling with Jewelry

Whether it's a weekend ski getaway, trade show travel, tropical adventure or family road trip, looking good away from home requires the right pre-trip jewelry planning. Here are some tips for ensuring a stylish departure and keeping jewelry safe,...

Know Your Beading Wire

Learn to select the perfect beading wire to satisfy your needs. Key factors to consider are flexibility, resistance to kinking, strength and color.

Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry

Nature-themed jewelry may be in but wait until you see nature-themed metal jewelry. Give your design elements of nature capsulized for eternity in the shimmer of metal.

The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

Discover the versatility of Accu-Flex beading wire with this informative article. Learn about different strand counts, finishing techniques and design ideas.

Metal Clays--Tips for Working with COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™

COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™ are an easy to sculpt and mold, and form into solid metal once they have been fired. Working with this product can lead to some amazing designs.

The Importance of Daylight Lamps

Discover the complex nature of light and the human eye and the importance of daylight, not only in jewelry-making but all forms of art to find true color.

Impressions of Prague

I'm allergic to molds. They make me break out in excited anticipation! I'm talking about silicone molds, of course ... the ones that can be used to make impressions for art/craft projects. I work with polymer clay, so molds come in very handy for...

Fun with French Wire

Looking for a versatile wire that can be used as a junction, clasp or even an abrasion shield in jewelry designs? French wire might be your solution …

History of Filigree

Filigree has been part of the jewelry making tradition for almost 4000 years! From the Egyptians to the Persians, through the Renaissance and Art Nouveaue eras, it's got quite the history.

Liquid Polymer Clay: Oh the Design Possibilities

What can you do with liquid polymer clay? Most jewelry designers use liquid clay as a sort of adhesive to join two already baked pieces of clay together or to ensure a strong baking bond on small contact points. However, we're here to expand the...

Hammer Time

As one MC said, it's hammer time. There are plenty of hammers out there but finding the ideal one for working with metal can be tough. Let's hammer out the details for you in this article.

Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire Review

Read what Paula S. Morgan of about.com has to say about Fire Mountain's Accu-Flex Professional-Quality Beading Wire in her expert review.

Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components

Oh how we love the flamboyant bright neon colors of soft and pliable rubber Oh! Rings™. Twisty little circles are so versatile and you can even add to jump rings for chainmaille.

All About Crimps

Crimps are the powerhouse finding that hold together one or multiple strands of beading wire. Lean more about them in this article.

How to Strengthen Hands and Fingers

How many times have you been working on a beading project, only to have your fingers and hands seize from cramping and fatigue, which force you to take a break? Why let physical limitations slow you down in your beading endeavors? Try out these hand...


Bezels are an ideal finding to use when you're working with cabochons and flat back crystals. Tammy Honaman, author and jewelry-making expert, is here to tell you all about them.
96 Resource(s) Found
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