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Making a Bail From a Headpin

Convert any bead into a charm or pendant by changing a headpin into a bail. Incorporate the bail into your jewelry designs.

How to Create a Wrapped Gear and Swarovski Focal

In this silent animation, you’ll see up close how to wire wrap a Swarovski® crystals rivoli or other stone into the center of a gear component for a steampunk-inspired jewelry link or pendant.

Basic Wire-Weaving Techniques

Why I Love Tool Magic® with Kat Wisniewski

Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire

Half-round wire is semi-circular in shape. This detail makes half-round wire ideal for wire-wrapping round or irregularly shaped objects as its flat side hugs the object being wrapped. This also makes the wire economical as it is half its gauge...

EUROTOOL® Nylon Jaw Looping Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Jamie Smedley shows the benefit of EUROTOOL® nylon jaw pliers when working with jewelry-making wire you don’t want to mar or scratch.

Protecting Tools with Tool Magic®

Tool Magic is a wonderful product that makes your wire working less stressful! By coating your pliers with Tool Magic, you virtually eliminate making any tool marks when creating wire designs.

Forming Complex Wire Shapes

American sculptor, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) has been a great inspiration to many wireworking jewelry makers. His large-scale wire jewelry becomes complex when combined with other wire types, styles and shapes and varying materials. He has shown...

Secrets to a Double Wrapped Loop

Learn how to create a double wrapped loop, a jewelry-making technique that combines the benefit of a secure wrapped loop with the ability to add a charm on something (like chain) already soldered closed.

Crochet with Wire: The Chain Stitch

Create strands of beaded crochet with wire, beads and a crochet hook. Choose beads that suit your style or your outfit. Briolette-shaped beads are a great choice as they dangle and sway, catching the light and showing off their color and facets.

Making Headpins from Wire

Sterling silver and copper wire can be fashioned into headpins finished with different patterns on the ends: spiral, diamond, pretzel and a hammered paddle.

Designing with a Wire Donut Bail

Turn a gemstone or glass donut into an eye-catching pendant with donut bails.

Forming Basic Wire Shapes

Wire manipulation takes many forms in jewelry-making. A necklace and pendant design can be enhanced with handmade wire components that include a formed clasp, pendant hanger and bead cage. Work with soft tempered wire to minimize the risk of...

How to Wire Wrap a Cabochon Setting

Cabochons are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which means sometimes you can't get a perfect fit in a bezel. Try wrapping a cabochon with wire for a custom way to use cabs in handmade jewelry by following these full instructions:

How to Use a Wire Jig

A wire jig offers you the ability to make great shapes from wire and to make them consistently.

How to Use the Wubbers® Bail-Making and Round Mandrel Pliers

Patti Bullard, PhD, creator of Wubbers® Pliers, shows you how to use the bail and round mandrel pliers to make your own jewelry components for completely handmade jewelry designs.

How to Use the Wubbers® Looping Pliers

Place flush cut end of wire into the jaw of the pliers positioning it even with the edge of the jaw.

Secrets to a Double Simple Loop

A double simple loop transforms beads into links with a loop on each side. View an up-close demonstration by jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman on how to make this simple jewelry technique every designer should learn.

How to Use the Wubbers® Square Mandrel Pliers

Follow along with Patti Bullard, PhD, owner and designer of Wubbers® Pliers as she shows you how to make crisp, consistent square and rectangular shapes in jewelry wire with her square mandrel pliers.

How to Make a Briolette Wrapped Loop

Briolettes are beautiful in jewelry designs. They can be used when stringing a design using Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire or other stringing material. They can also be changed into a charm or pendant by creating a wrapped-loop that...
21 Resource(s) Found
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