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EUROTOOL® Nylon Jaw Looping Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Jamie Smedley shows the benefit of EUROTOOL® nylon jaw pliers when working with jewelry-making wire you don’t want to mar or scratch.

Using Loop-Closing Pliers

Loop-closing pliers are designed to close open rings, like jumprings. The notch in each half of the jaw holds the ring stable during the process.

Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire

Renowned jewelry artist Sandra Lupo demonstrates how to wire wrap a freeform stone in this video tutorial that also has written instructions so you can follow along whichever way you want.

How to Use Beadalon® MULTIPLIERS™

In this how-to video led by jewelry designer Rose, see why two heads are better than one with these time-saving pliers from Beadalon®.

How to Use The Artistic Wire® Ear Wire Findings Form™

How to Use the Beadalon Ring Weaver Tool

Choose the size ring you want to make. The sizes are based on the placement of the holes inside the base of the Ring Weaver Tool. The holes are staggered on the diagonal so the outermost holes will yield a size 11 ring, the next row toward the...

Using Banding Pliers to Wire Wrap a Swarovski® Fancy Stone

How to Use a Wire Jig

A wire jig offers you the ability to make great shapes from wire and to make them consistently.

How to Use the WigJig® Spiral Maker Plus

Insert end of soft wire into starter hole and bend back at 45 degree angle.

How to Make Sterling Silver French Ear Wire

Learn to make your own ear wires! Jewelry-making expert, Lisa Pavelka creates two styles of sterling silver ear wires from wire.

How to Use Half Bracelet Findings

Fold 8-inch section of 2mm leather cord in half and tie an overhand knot at the folded end to create a button loop.

How to Use Beadalon® Double Banding Pliers

The Beadalon® double banding pliers are an amazingly handy tool to use when you want to secure double thickness of square wire. See for yourself!

Making a Bail From a Headpin

Convert any bead into a charm or pendant by changing a headpin into a bail. Incorporate the bail into your jewelry designs.

EUROTOOL® Beader's Delight Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Esther Pollock demonstrates how versatile the EUROTOOL® Beader's Delight Pliers are for bending, shaping, smoothing and cutting jewelry wire all with one handy jewelry-making tool.

Using Memory Wire Finishing Pliers

Wyatt White from Beadalon® shows off a wonderful tool for working with memory wire. You'll wonder how you ever designed memory wire jewelry without them.

Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop

Use the double wrapped-loop technique to attach a pendant or charm to a soldered loop on a chain for a secure finish. Link double wrapped loops together to create your own chain then finish with your choice of clasp.

Beadalon® Artistic Wire® WRAPPERS™

Beadalon® design team member Julianna Hudgins demonstrates how to create a pendant with Artistic Wire® WRAPPERS™, jewelry wire and a gemstone or other bead.

Protecting Tools with Tool Magic®

Tool Magic is a wonderful product that makes your wire working less stressful! By coating your pliers with Tool Magic, you virtually eliminate making any tool marks when creating wire designs.

Using EUROTOOL® Coil Cutting Pliers

Place coiled wire in the open coil-cutting tool.

Designing with Wire Coils

Wire coils created with tools, gadgets and forming devices have limitless possibilities in jewelry making.
64 Resource(s) Found
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