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Using EUROTOOL® Four-in-One Beader's Delight Pliers

What can you do with the stainless steel Four-in-One Beader’s Design pliers by EUROTOOL®? Almost everything you can with a whole set of jewelry pliers. Jewelry designer Esther Pollock shows how to use these multi-purpose pliers that feature a long...

Tronex® Pliers

By customer request, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads carries Tronex® jewelry-making pliers. Learn all about the available pliers and why you’ll love these ergonomic jewelry tools in this product spotlight.

Tube Cutting Jig

Jewelry designer Rose shows how to set the sliding gauge on this wire cutting jig to the length you want so you can cut jewelry wire, tubes and more to the exact same length every time.

How to Use the Beadalon Ring Weaver Tool

Choose the size ring you want to make. The sizes are based on the placement of the holes inside the base of the Ring Weaver Tool. The holes are staggered on the diagonal so the outermost holes will yield a size 11 ring, the next row toward the...

How to Make Sterling Silver French Ear Wire

Follow along as Lisa Pavelka, award-winning jewelry designer and author, demonstrates how to make French-style ear wires in sterling silver.

Maxi Shear Flush-Cutter by EUROTOOL®

You’ll love the Xuron® Maxi-Shear™ flush cutter jewelry pliers for more than just its clean cut on beading wire, and Alice Gershowitz--in-house jewelry designer--explains why in this jewelry-making product show-and-tell.

Using Loop-Closing Pliers

Loop-closing pliers are designed to close open rings, like jumprings. The notch in each half of the jaw holds the ring stable during the process.

How to Use Half Bracelet Findings

Learn how to use half-bracelet findings in this quick demonstrative video.

Sassy Spirals Techniques

Lisa Pavelka walks you through the process of making your own bead caps, wire cages and spiral accents in beginner friendly wire working tutorial videos.

Using the Wire Twister

If using round wire, match up the two ends of a length of wire and place the folded end over an anchored nail or into the jaws on a bench vise.If using square wire don't fold it in half, use it singularly. Place the end into a bench vise to anchor...

Why I Love Tool Magic® with Kat Wisniewski

Chainmaille jewelry artist Kat Wisniewski explains why and how to use Tool Magic® to prepare pliers for wire working.

Using EUROTOOL® Coil Cutting Pliers

Place coiled wire in the open coil-cutting tool.

Designing with Wire Coils

Wire coils created with tools, gadgets and forming devices have limitless possibilities in jewelry making.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Ear Wire Findings Form™

Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire

Renowned jewelry artist Sandra Lupo demonstrates how to wire wrap a freeform stone in this video tutorial that also has written instructions so you can follow along whichever way you want.

How to Use the Wire Curling Mandrel

Insert cut end of wire into slot on tool shaft

Protecting Tools with Tool Magic®

Learn how to protect your wire-working projects from mars and scratches with Tool Magic. This handy demonstrational video shows how to coat your tools and keep designs pristine.

Creating an Eyepin from a Length of Wire

EUROTOOL® Nylon Jaw Looping Pliers

In-house jewelry designer Jamie Smedley shows the benefit of EUROTOOL® nylon jaw pliers when working with jewelry-making wire you don’t want to mar or scratch.

How to Use a Wire-Rounder Tool/Pin Vise

Assemble pin vise with a size appropriate collet and a cup bur attachment.
63 Resource(s) Found
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