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Delicate wire curls wrapped with shimmering crystals and pearls form an elegant pair of wirework earrings. The soft pink hues of the beads stand out against sterling silver in this design.
Jewelry inspiration comes from everywhere--even while we sleep. This whimsical spatula-tailed hummingbird brooch was a design pulled from the artist's dream.
Kristina Ilickovic used the love of her father and the independence of wildflowers as inspiration for this delicate, floral piece.
Experiment with sixteen-gauge wire and large gemstone beads to create pliable structure. With only two components, this bracelet style can be made as a quick inventory boost.
Jodi Zulueta's "The Emergence" reminds us to find what's most important in life and give it the love and attention it truly deserves.
A Little Twisted exhibits the brilliance and pure beauty of turquoise when highlighted by the glimmering.
Provoke creativity with space and connection. Here, delicate wire-wrapping holds beads firmly in place while adding subtle embellishment to already-beautiful gemstones.
Time for a chain? Hanging pieces of antique finished chain and drops hang from a metal hoop with an inner gear. Artist Craig Cosby designs thought inspiring jewelry designs from antique watch parts.
The design possibilities with ParaWire™ are endless. Re-create these leaf motif dangles for attention-getting style.
Black wire gives this fan necklace graphic definition between its gold- and silver-tone wire knit folds. Tiny pearls are gathered in the golden section for a classic touch.
Colorful wire-wrapped moons with amethyst and lapis lazuli beads give off a mysterious feeling on par with the dark colors used in the design.
No, those aren't real flowers, though jewelry designer Hiromi Takemura certainly made them look incredibly real in her Rose Garden necklace.
The gorgeous opal at the center of this pendant informed the rest of Merilou Jenkins' design, resulting in swirling wirework forms that act as a playground for the eyes.
Pearl jewelry is always in style and this necklace is a beautiful display of "Pearls and Swirls" with its exquisite wirework. View it up close for design inspiration.
Taking the time to create jewelry with relics of the past for treasure of today is the passion of Jewelry-maker Craig Cosby. "Redeeming Time" is the name of his business.
With sleek, silver, elegance, this bracelet design uses a simple pattern and only two materials to create a classic, easy-to-wear accessory.
The furled links of flat, anodized wire create balanced, colorful chain drapery in this sweater embellishment.
This necklace design featuring metal sheet and wirework is perfectly named Shaved Chocolate and oh so yummy looking.
Fabricate a filigree-filled feline friend with wirework. This design is the purr-fect accessory for the cat lover in your life.
Tangled up in time. Organically curved wire and metal drops hang poetically from an antique watch face centerpiece in artist Craig Cosby's necklace design.
703 Resource(s) Found
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