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Jewelry-Making Wire: Non-Precious Metal, Colored and Steel Wires

Jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo helps us get to know jewelry-making wire in this helpful article. Learn what wire you’ll want to have on hand for all your jewelry creations including non-precious metal, colored and steel wires.

Work Hardening Metal

Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman explores work hardening metal in this informative article. Learn how to make gold, sterling silver, sterling silver-filled, copper, brass, bronze and nickel metal rigid or malleable to suit your design needs.

Accurate Measuring in Jewelry-Making

Learn how to save time and money by taking the guesswork out of wireworking and metalsmithing by learning how to accurately measure. In this article jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo teaches us how to accurately measure for jewelry-making success.

Non-Marring Wire-Wrapping Pliers

Looking for wireworking pliers that won't mar wire or metal sheet? Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shares pliers that won’t make marks on wire in this informative article.

Beadalon® Tools: Banding Pliers and Improved Coiling Gizmo®

Jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo gives us the scoop on Beadalon® tools, including their banding pliers and improved Coiling Gizmo®. Learn all about these popular tools and tips for using them in this illustrated article.

Crochet with Wire

Are you intrigued by wire crochet? In this article jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo shares her knowledge of wire crochet and her formula for starting a successful jewelry design.

Sterling Silver-Filled Wire and Findings Performance Results

Find the answers to your questions about sterling silver-filled wire and findings in this performance results test conducted by jewelry-making experts. Discover why this metal offer a tremendous value and amazing workability.

Mandrels for Jewerly-Making

Have questions about mandrels? Learn all about this valuable metalsmithing tool and the different options available in this article on mandrels.

The Talk about Tools

How do you choose the right tools for your jewelry-making project? Jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo helps us understand tools and how to pick the right one for successful jewelry-making in this helpful article.

Famous Coils of our Time

Wire coils are a major element in metal jewelry. Check out this fascinating look at wire coils by jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo to discover their rich history and how to make your own.

All About Jewelry-Making Wire

Curious about what wire to choose for your wire-wrapping projects? Learn how to pick the best hardness, gauge and more for your designs with this helpful guide to jewelry-making wire.

Wirework 101: Getting in Shape

Jewelry-making expert Sandra Lupo helps us get our wire in shape with this guide to choosing the right pliers for the right application. Read here to discover what pliers she recommends for common jewelry-making techniques.

Thread, Cord and Wire Information

Confused about what stringing material to use? Use this informative article to learn the different brands of stringing materials and discover the best thread, core or wire for your projects to ensure you're getting the best results.

Hearts are Wild: Triple-Strand Necklace and Drop Earrings Featuring Swarovski Crystal Wild Heart Faceted Pendant Drops, Chain and Seed Beads

Go wild with this triple-strand necklace and drop earring set featuring Swarovski's faceted wild heart and heart pendants sure to spike heart rates all over.

A Guide to Jewelry-Making Hand Tools

One of the most important things in jewelry-making is having the right tools. Check out this handy guide to jewelry-making hand tools to learn the right tool for every job, ensuring a professional-looking finish every time.
15 Resource(s) Found
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