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How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Mandrel

Remove the mandrels and the allen wrench from the handle by unscrewing the base. Select size of mandrel to be used. Replace mandrels into base and close with screw cap.Note: The base has parallel flat portions for mounting the tool onto a vise.

Spiral Diamond Necklace

Bracelet with Swarovski® Crystals and Wirework

Swarovski® crystal beads wrapped with silver wire create a multicolored bracelet that’s ideal for any occasion. Check out the instructions to make this design.

Ring with Gemstone Beads and Wirework

Take a new twist on classic cocktail rings with this project. Gemstone beads hang from a sterling silver ring thanks to wirework.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo®

Insert wire.
Practice your wire wrapping skills with this fun to wear bracelet.

Celtic Knot Earrings and Spiral Link Bracelet

Handmade Chain

Pairing machine-made chains with your own handmade chain is as simple as an ''S'' link. Start with a 3-inch length of 16 to 14-gauge wire. Using round-nose pliers, grip one end of the wire close to the end with the tip of the pliers. Rotate your...

Falling Raindrop Earrings

How do I use wire-wrapping pliers? Thank you.

Wire-wrapping pliers are designed with different sized barrels (4, 6 and 8mm barrels) to allow the wireworker to form coils or rings in many sizes....

Because Cats

Artistic Wire® Hook and Eye Clasp Jig

Bend a 5'' (12.7cm) piece of wire (20-24 gauge) in half, push the fold with your fingers, make sure to leave space between the wires.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Knitter

Thread the end of your wire down through the hole in the center of the tool.

Queen of Clubs Wire and Beads Earrings

Flemish Spiral Necklace

Artistic Wire® Round Connector Jig

Place the end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6'' (15cm) in length across findings form as shown, tail should only be a few millimeters off the form.

Beadalon Flat Memory Wire End Caps

Use memory wire shears to cut memory wire. In this example, cut single loop off the ring-size coil of memory wire so there is a gap of about 1/8 inch between the ends.

Artistic Wire® Open Ear Wire Jig

Insert a piece of wire (20-24 gauge) 5 inches (12.7cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend the end (this helps to hold the wire firmly as you bend the wire around the pegs).

Artistic Wire® Connector 1:5 Jig

Place one end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6 inch (15cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend about 10mm.
A Little Twisted exhibits the brilliance and pure beauty of turquoise when highlighted by the glimmering.
882 Resource(s) Found
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