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Inspired by perserverance and strength, "The Negotiation" by Jodi Zulueta envelops the beauty of paua shell within thick, structured wirework.

Paisley's Cuisine

Learn to create stunning wire-wrap paisley earrings with high-end gemstone beads and sterling silver wire. Free instructions guide you through the process of making these unusual, vintage-looking earrings.
Colorful wire-wrapped moons with amethyst and lapis lazuli beads give off a mysterious feeling on par with the dark colors used in the design.
Provoke creativity with space and connection. Here, delicate wire-wrapping holds beads firmly in place while adding subtle embellishment to already-beautiful gemstones.

Spiral Diamond Necklace

Beadalon Flat Memory Wire End Caps

Use memory wire shears to cut memory wire. In this example, cut single loop off the ring-size coil of memory wire so there is a gap of about 1/8 inch between the ends.
Taking the time to create jewelry with relics of the past for treasure of today is the passion of Jewelry-maker Craig Cosby. "Redeeming Time" is the name of his business.

Celtic Knot Earrings and Spiral Link Bracelet

Delicate wire curls wrapped with shimmering crystals and pearls form an elegant pair of wirework earrings. The soft pink hues of the beads stand out against sterling silver in this design.

Bracelet with Crystal Passions® Beads and Wirework

Crystal beads wrapped with silver wire create a multicolored bracelet that's ideal for any occasion. Check out the instructions to make this design.
Time for a chain? Hanging pieces of antique finished chain and drops hang from a metal hoop with an inner gear. Artist Craig Cosby designs thought inspiring jewelry designs from antique watch parts.
The furled links of flat, anodized wire create balanced, colorful chain drapery in this sweater embellishment.
Experiment with sixteen-gauge wire and large gemstone beads to create pliable structure. With only two components, this bracelet style can be made as a quick inventory boost.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Mandrel

Remove the mandrels and the allen wrench from the handle by unscrewing the base. Select size of mandrel to be used. Replace mandrels into base and close with screw cap.Note: The base has parallel flat portions for mounting the tool onto a vise.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Inverted Mandrel

Insert the inverted mandrel into the base of the CONETASTIC Tool (sold separately) with flat side of the mandrel shank aligned with the set screw.

Peg Leg™ - Wire-Wrapping Jig

Position pegs in the desired design. For a long design, rotate the screw at the base of the handle to lengthen the platform.

Artistic Wire® Toggle Jig

These photographic instructions show you how to use the Artistic Wire® toggle jig to create perfect clasps every time.

Artistic Wire® Open Ear Wire Jig

Insert a piece of wire (20-24 gauge) 5 inches (12.7cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend the end (this helps to hold the wire firmly as you bend the wire around the pegs).

Falling Raindrop Earrings

Artistic Wire® Teardrop Connector Jig

Place the end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6'' (15cm) in length across findings form as shown, tail should only be a few millimeters off the form.
872 Resource(s) Found
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