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No, those aren't real flowers, though jewelry designer Hiromi Takemura certainly made them look incredibly real in her Rose Garden necklace.

Flemish Spiral Necklace

How do you make your own headpins?

"Making Headpins from Wire" video how-to and instructions and "Making Ball-Tip Headpins with a Butane Torch" video how-to and illustrated...

Queen of Clubs Wire and Beads Earrings

How do I use wire-wrapping pliers? Thank you.

Wire-wrapping pliers are designed with different sized barrels (4, 6 and 8mm barrels) to allow the wireworker to form coils or rings in many sizes....

Time for a chain? Hanging pieces of antique finished chain and drops hang from a metal hoop with an inner gear. Artist Craig Cosby designs thought inspiring jewelry designs from antique watch parts.
The gorgeous opal at the center of this pendant informed the rest of Merilou Jenkins' design, resulting in swirling wirework forms that act as a playground for the eyes.

WigJig Chandelier Earrings

Thread, Cord and Beading Wire for Jewelry-Making

This article helps you make sense of the different stringing materials. Learn which beading thread, cord or wire to use for creative success in your jewelry project.

Artistic Wire® Round Connector Jig

Place the end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6'' (15cm) in length across findings form as shown, tail should only be a few millimeters off the form.
The design possibilities with ParaWire™ are endless. Re-create these leaf motif dangles for attention-getting style.

Four Leaf Clover Bracelet and Earrings

Celtic Knot Earrings and Spiral Link Bracelet

Handmade Chain

Pairing machine-made chains with your own handmade chain is as simple as an ''S'' link. Start with a 3-inch length of 16 to 14-gauge wire. Using round-nose pliers, grip one end of the wire close to the end with the tip of the pliers. Rotate your...
Taking the time to create jewelry with relics of the past for treasure of today is the passion of Jewelry-maker Craig Cosby. "Redeeming Time" is the name of his business.
Provoke creativity with space and connection. Here, delicate wire-wrapping holds beads firmly in place while adding subtle embellishment to already-beautiful gemstones.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Knitter

Thread the end of your wire down through the hole in the center of the tool.
A Little Twisted exhibits the brilliance and pure beauty of turquoise when highlighted by the glimmering.
This necklace design featuring metal sheet and wirework is perfectly named Shaved Chocolate and oh so yummy looking.
The furled links of flat, anodized wire create balanced, colorful chain drapery in this sweater embellishment.
957 Resources Found
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