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Queen of Hearts Corset Co-Creator Linda Sparks
Lizard Hoops Earrings
Fringe Art
Asymmetry draws in the eye and gives visual direction. Reinforce this flow with elements of the same color that vary in shape and size, like these carnelian gemstone beads.
Utilize the variety in appearance of a single stone for a beautiful pre-made color scheme. The diversity in carnelian nuggets lead this necklace design.
Outrageous Orange Enamels
Create gemstone collages held together by sprawling wire wrap for dramatic, other-worldly designs. Here, this artist uses tight coils to add extra detailing to accent beads.
Dip beneath the gentle silver wave patterns of this elegant necklace. The gemstone focal seems to bob between the crests and valleys in this design.
Let the warm tones of gold-filled wire combined with the earthy sheen of tigereye inspire your next project.
Alexander's Labyrinth Brooch I
In this design the artist weaves sterling silver wire in a way traditional to fibrous materials to create a stunningly sturdy piece of jewelry.
Sprorangia Earrings
Butterflies on Roses Haircomb
Wire coiled into figure-eight patterns creates thick links dangling below the embossed, antique metal focal of this necklace.
Sommerfugl Bangle

Single-Strand Necklace with Viking Knit Wire


Single-Strand Necklace with Citrine and Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Fisherman's Treasures
Art Deco Earrings
Burst of Spring
Autumn of Love Headband
PT Scrolls Necklace
Yellow Poppies
Victorian Filligree
Rainbow Abalone
King of the Jungle
Highly detailed wire wrap necklace created with gold-filled wire and sparkly brown goldstone.

Earrings with Wirework

Dragon Family

Single-Strand Choker with Cloisonné Beads

Boost inventory or create a quick cocktail ring with this easy-to-make design. Top a prefabricated gold-tone ring shank with reflective beads for an instant classic.
River Flows
Beauty with the Butterflies
Flint Necklace
Design beautiful bridal jewelry with this easy-to-make Crystal Passions necklace created using wire and basic ladder stitching for easy accessorizing.
Turquoise Art Nouveau
Spring Flowers
Panther Necklace
Inspired by the costumes worn by these mischievous medieval characters, this design uses an inverted color scheme and pattern of round beads and wire.
Larimar Bangle
Lacy Wire Bangle Bracelet
Midnight Treasure
Flight Patterns
Lady Kiya (Mother of Tutankhamun) Bracelet
Spunky Reindeer Earrings
Rainbow Connection Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner

Ring with Crystal Passions® Beads and Wirework

1107 Resource(s) Found
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