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How to Make Your Own Jump Rings

Award-winning author, designer and instructor Lisa Pavelka is here to walk you through making your own jump rings from scratch! This video is here to show you several different tips on jump ring making.

DIY Earrings Using a Disc Cutter

Learn how to use the disc cutter tool with Award winning designer Lisa Pavelka as she creates a pair of crescent moon earrings.

Quick and Simple Polymer Clay Cane Leaves

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka as she gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a millefiori cane out of Fimo® Professional polymer clay, which can be used as clay cane leaves in jewelry designs.

Using the JoolTool™ to Sand, Buff and Polish Polymer Clay

The Jooltool® does more than polish metal and gemstones; this polishing system can also put the finishing touches on polymer clay creations. See the steps to sand, buff and polish polyclay led by renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

Finishing Metal Clay Pieces with Hand Tools

See how to hand finish your Art Clay® silver metal clay jewelry components in minutes with this quick step-by-step tutorial hosted by world-renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

How to Add Photographic Images to Components Using Waterslide Image Transfers

Follow these steps to add photographic quality images to flat beads, polymer clay and other surfaces with waterslide image transfers created by renowned mixed media jewelry artist Lisa Pavelka.

How to Make Faux Dichroic Jewelry Components Using Apoxie® Sculpt

This project, led by award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka, walks you through the steps to create a jewelry component from Apoxie® Sculpt jewelry clay adhesive with a faux dichroic glass look.

Tips for Foil and Apoxie Sculpt

Lisa Pavelka, famous mixed media artist, explains some tips for working with craft foils on polymer clay (and adhesive clay like Apoxie® Sculpt) in this quick and fun tutorial.

Signature Series Magic-Glos® by Lisa Pavelka

The creator of Magic-Glos®, mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka, explains why she loves this UV resin that cures in minutes and doesn’t require any mixing like two-part resins for use on polymer clay, wood or other jewelry-making...

Why I Love FIMO®

Learn to Make Spiral Sheet Metal Earrings

Learn how to work with sheet metal to make a pair of copper earrings. Artist Lisa Pavelka teaches the basic skills of texturing, annealing, shaping and polishing.

Layered Collage with Magic-Glos®

Follow along to learn how to layer resin to make a steampunk pendant. Renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka walks you through step by step on how to make this jewelry project with a bezel setting, texture stamps, polymer clay and Magic-Glos® UV...

Fire Mountain Fix: Getting Magic-Glos® to the Edges

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka is here with a Fire Mountain Fix to answer the jewelry resin question: how can I get Magic-Glos UV resin to the edges of my jewelry project and create a domed effect?

Signature Series Poly Bonder™ by Lisa Pavelka

In this jewelry-making product spotlight, see how to use award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka's versatile Signature Series Poly Bonder™ glue that is rated heat safe for baking with polymer clays.

Caring for Rubber Texture Stamps

You’ll need to clean rubber texture stamps for the best jewelry-making results. World-renowned artist Lisa Pavelka has some tips on how to care for your stamps.

Fimo® Professional Clay Iridescent Image Transfer

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka to create an iridescent image transfer pendant in this step-by-step jewelry project using Fimo® Professional polymer clay, craft foils and waterslide transfers.

Steampunk Factory

Make steampunk jewelry components out of polymer clay as you follow along with Lisa Pavelka in this jewelry-making project that includes how to make your cogs, keys and more look ancient, old or rusted with the help of Swllegant!™ metal coatings and...

How to Make Sterling Silver French Ear Wire

Learn to make your own ear wires! Jewelry-making expert, Lisa Pavelka creates two styles of sterling silver ear wires from wire.

Make Your Own Custom Coasters

Make custom coasters using liquid polymer clay and waterslide transfers. You can even print your own images or kids’ artwork on blank transfer paper for a special gift. Award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka shows you how in this fun,...

Fire Mountain Fix: There's clay stuck in my stamp!

Lots of people ask award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka, “How do I get stuck polymer clay out of my texture stamps?” She has some tips for getting polyclay out of stamps in this quick Fire Mountain Fix tutorial.
62 Resource(s) Found
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