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Regal and Rustic
Let your imagination take flight with this adorable beaded macramé bracelet. Hemptique® cord and acrylic beads make this design as light and airy as butterfly wings.
Unsolved Mystery
Use C-Lon thread and simple macramé techniques to create this cute keychain. All you need is your imagination and a little patience.

Bracelet with Macrame Imitation Silk Cord and Silver-Plated ''Pewter'' Beads

Armor up with this macramé and steel bracelet. Knotting techniques and metal components ring in the days of old without looking like a costume.
Cat's Cradle
Luminous Stare
This vibrant macramé bracelet can be paired with almost any outfit. Choose your favorite silk cord and beads to personalize it for yourself or that special someone.
This structured, macramé collar necklace combines simple jewelry-making supplies to make a sophisticated, classic jewelry set.
This design evokes a sense of natural beauty with crystals, macramé, and a painted glass cabochon. Use C-Lon thread and sparkling beads to make a necklace with an air of elegance.
Brush up on your macrame with these fun loving and colorful chevron beads.
Survivor's Key Ring

Bib-Style Necklace and Earring Set with Macrame C-Lon Nylon Thread, Antiqued Gold-Plated Brass Bead Caps and Antique Brass-Plated Brass Charms

Key Chain with Antiqued Pewter Beads and Macrame C-Lon Thread

I Heart USA
Golden Orbits
Whoo's got style? You do! This owl-inspired necklace, made with cotton cord and a pre-formed neck wire, comes with matching earrings--a wise choice.
Enjoy the soothing waves of the ocean with this macramé pearl necklace. Wirework sits gracefully at your collar, mimicking the ebb and flow of the sea.
Icy Lace
Butterfly Garden
You won't have to jump through hoops to make this beautiful bracelet! This design features crystal beads and faux silk cord knotted with simple macramé techniques.

Bracelet with Glazed Ceramic Beads and Macrame Waxed Cotton Cord

Looking to add a little sparkle to your life? This bib necklace and matching earrings make a great statement piece with just the right amount of shimmer.
Show off your festive side with this whimsical design. Shell beads and pastel hemp cord make a necklace and earring set that's sure to turn heads.
Up the Fish Ladder
Elegance and grace shine forth in this refined take on a traditional macramé bracelet. Czech glass beads and C-Lon thread mimic the feeling of lace in this design idea.
Although it looks complex, this necklace set is actually quite simple. Basic macramé and simple loop techniques give this fantastic creation its special appearance.
Celebrate natural beauty with a seraphinite gemstone and macramé twine necklace set. This idea is versatile and can easily be customized with your favorite stones.
Let color speak for itself in this easy-to-create bracelet. Matching seed beads and silver components make this piece pop.

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Gold- and Silver-Finished "Pewter" Beads and Macrame Satinique™ Satin Cord

Show appreciation during the holiday season with this sweet ''Give Thanks” bracelet. Crystal acorns and alphabet beads show gratitude and promise for the future.
Make traditional macramé techniques feel regal with this jewelry concept. Swarovski crystals and gold-plated components embellish a bracelet fit for royalty.
Embody the sun's rays with this gorgeous macramé design. Ocean jasper and freshwater pearls embellish C-Lon cord as warm and golden as the sun.
Love and sweetness flourish in this bracelet idea. Pink macramé and crystals give off an angelic vibe that's sure to boost the wearer's spirit.

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Wood Beads, Seed Beads and Macrame Hemtique® Polished Hemp Cord

Be the center of attention with this whimsical bib necklace and earring set. Festive colors turn faux silk cord and gemstone beads into a work of art.
Lavender waves adorn your collar in this gorgeous macramé necklace. Amethyst beads and silver findings complete the polished, elegant look.

Bracelet with Silk and Copper Tassels, Antique Gold-Plated Pewter Beads and Macrame Imitation Silk Cord

Celebrate the 4th with this clever bracelet. A new take on macramé techniques will set you apart from the crowd.
Beauty meets efficiency in this macramé necklace. The lanyard-style construction and stainless-steel pendant turn a practical design into something more.
Embrace the season's change with a necklace and earrings in an autumn-inspired palette. Cat's eye glass beads and paddle pins add the finishing touch to the leaf-shape macramé collar.
Speak to your individuality with this special design. Styled copper sheet holds macramé and gemstone beads that call out to faraway lands.
Macramé a masterpiece. Elevate the comfortable denim-like texture of thread with metallic embellishments dripping with translucent blue beads.
Architecture and glamour come together to create this elegant multi-strand necklace and earring set. Macramé and Preciosa crystals are sure to complement any outfit.
Drop the ball with this beautiful rhinestone bead bracelet. Perfect for New Year's Eve, holidays, or any fancy occasion.
Take a walk on the wild side with this design. A contrasting two-piece necklace set with a matching bracelet contains beautiful gemstones and macramé work.

Double-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Black Slate Focal, Cool Frost Resin Beads™ and Macrame Hemptique® Polished Bamboo Cord

A down-to-earth bracelet is a wonderful way to get back to nature without leaving home. Gemstone beads and antiqued charms inspire a monochromatic palette that's sure to please.
Showcase the softness of spring with this jewelry design. Pastel macramé work matches the soft tones and flowers in the pendant, giving off a light, airy feeling.
Travel to distant lands without leaving home, thanks to this design. With beautiful beads and an eye-catching pendant, adventure will follow you anywhere.
Feel as playful as a kitten with this necklace idea. A cat made from metal clay dangles from a cord and pendant, celebrating freedom and flights of fancy.
Spiraling Whiskers
Because I'm Hippy
Show your love for nature with this woodsy bracelet. Carry the mystery and serenity of the forest with you, thanks to wooden log-shaped beads.
Love and Peace Love and Peace roses playfully flourish in a beautifully done hemp garden! Fun design for spring and summer! Matching earrings - Design #7109
Love and Peace Earrings Love and Peace roses playfully dangle from hemp. Fun design for spring and summer! Matching necklace - Design #7108
Expand your horizons with this travel-inspired macramé necklace and earring set. The colors and natural materials in this set invoke the feeling of being on vacation year-round.
Knotty Wood This unique design combines colorful hemp cord, knotted and macramed, with a variety of wood beads for casual, stylish appeal.
Dance to the beat of your own drum with this vibrant West African-inspired necklace and earring set.
Yuletide Embers
Keep your faith close at all times with this macramé design. A rhinestone cross and ''Courage'' charm accentuate a bracelet that you or someone special will love.
Combine two timeless crafts in this lovely project with crocheted flowers and seed bead accents. Wear it as a brooch or sew to clothing for fun floral touches.
Spread your wings with this macramé necklace design. Wood, seed beads, and gemstone beads contrast beautifully with pastel Hemptique® cord.

Bracelet with Wood Beads, Kato Polyclay™ and Macramé Polyester Twine

A delicate knotted bracelet is simple and beautiful enough to be worn every day. Colorful cotton cord and seed beads make the perfect accessory.
This necklace embodies shapes and colors from nature. Macramé cord, seed beads and structured charms make for a stunning set.
Show your support for those who have served with this macramé charm bracelet. The simple construction and patriotic design are sure to be a hit.
This artistic keyring is a great way to embrace the passing of the seasons. Macramé C-Lon in different colors represents the changing of the leaves.
Decorated with Ching Dynasty replica coins, this woven cotton cord bracelet rings up as a hot-ticket item!
Support your favorite team with this Superbowl-themed bracelet. Alphabet beads and faux silk cord can easily be customized to team names and colors.
Aventurine Cat's Cradle
Celebrate a major achievement with this sweet keychain. Metal charms and a Swarovski crystal bead serve as a beautiful reminder of how far you've come.
Take a page from the 70s with the inclusion of mood beads! They react to heat, changing color, just like the mood rings of old giving this jewelry set an ever changing look.
Stand out from the crowd with this highly detailed bib necklace. Swarovski crystals, cabochons and shibori silk bring the ethereal beauty of this design to life.
Wrist Candy A suitable style for men and women, the simple design of this knotted hemp and black cinnabar bracelet get you noticed.
Opposites Attract Grand Prize Winner Special Recognition

Bracelet with Gold-Colored "Pewter" and Enamel Charms, Antiqued Gold-Plated Pewter Brooch, Gold-Plated Aluminum and Epoxy Charm and Macramé Polished...

Bracelet with Crystal and Gold-Plated Pewter Beads, Gold-Plated Brass Beads and Hemp Cord

Under Your Belt
This macramé and gemstone necklace embodies the spirit of time. Cool earth tones and metal gear components resemble the passing of time, making a refined piece.
Go Badgers!
Make a bold statement about your friendship with this friendship bracelet. Featuring pronounced oranges, reds and yellows it will serve as a reminder of your strong feelings for your friends.
This split bracelet is as special as your love itself. Macramé cord and a bracelet component combine with charms and crystal beads to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Bracelet with Silver-Plated Brass Beads and Imitation Silk Cord

This design features a customizable macramé nylon bracelet component that allows designers to easily attach a link. You'll love how the bracelet is adjustable to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.
Winter's chill is a little cozier with these sweet macramé snowflake earrings. Waxed cotton cord comes alive with metal beads and some simple knotting.

Bracelet with Antiqued Gold-Plated Pewter Beads, Swarovski Crystal and Gold-Finished "Pewter" Beads

Bracelet with Gold-Finished Brass Beads, Antiqued Gold-Finished ''Pewter'' Bead and Charms and Macramé Waxed Cotton Cord

Single-Strand Necklace with Porcelain Beads, Antiqued Pewter Dragonfly and Bells

This intricately knotted macramé necklace is adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls and a gemstone cabochon. With a design like this, you’ll be the belle of the ball.
The beauty of nature abounds in this asymmetrical necklace set. Lampworked glass beads and macramé nylon and leather cords create a design that's as pretty as flowers themselves.
Cool Factor
Seeing is believing with this beaded bracelet. Metal-tone seed beads and a focal link remind us to have faith in a beautiful, wearable way.
TOHO BEADS® is known around the world for their seed beads, but they also make pre-assembled beaded focals as an easy way to add seed beads to jewelry like this waxed cotton bracelet.

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Silver-Plated Brass and Rhinestone Beads and Focal and Macramé Satin Cord

Experiment with seemingly complex, eye-catching knot patterns as you work your way through this macramé necklace and matching earring project.
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