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Firing Metal Clay with a Butane Torch

Firing Art Clay® Silver with a gas torch is a direct firing method. Please read these instructions carefully before firing. Using a small butane gas torch is a basic method for small and simple pieces. You may fire Art Clay® Silver Regular series,...

Molding Metal Clay with Brass Molds

Lightly oil the mold chosen. Roll out about 5 grams of clay to a 3-card thickness. Press the clay into the mold, ensuring you have pressed the clay into the recesses to capture all of the details.

How to Load the Metal Clay Syringe Pen™

Remove syringe plunger and replace it with the pen plunger while keeping the rubber stopper in place.

Art Clay® Silver Clay

Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay

Prometheus Light Yellow Bronze Clay Instructions

Extruding Clay with the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder®

Extruders are great for creating long continual shapes of clay. The clay can then be used as a border, decorative element in a design or sliced to create multiples of the same shape to be used however you like. Each extruder works with polymer and...

Prometheus Bronze and Copper Clay Information Sheet

Prometheus® Bronze Clay Instructions

Prometheus Clay - Working Tips

Firing Gemstones into Art Clay®

Man-made gems can be fired and will not change color, crack or melt. These are laboratory created stones with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 and higher. They are the same chemical composition as the natural stones. They are perfect, without inclusions, and...

Prometheus® Copper Clay Instructions

Prometheus® Greenish Yellow Bronze Clay Instructions

Art Clay Silver Syringe Type

How to Use the Kemper® Clay Square Hole Cutters

Push cutting end straight through uncured clay.

Extruding Tubes of Clay with the Clay Extruder and Adapters

Put the T-handle end onto the barrel of the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® extruder and tighten into place.

How to Make Your Own Clay Cutters

Use metal sheet cutter shears to cut a strip of metal sheet approximately 10mm wide and the length equaling the circumference of the template.Tip: It may be necessary to cut additional strips of metal sheet to equal the circumference of the...

How to Use Gilders Paste®

Looking for a new way to accent or color wood, metal, leather, polymer clay, ceramics and more? Gilders Paste is a professional wax-based medium that can be mixed or layered for an endless color palette that won't fade. Apply using a variety of...

Faux MOKUME Gane Pillow Style Components with Kato Polyclay™

MOKUME Gane (MO-ku-may GAH-nay) is a beautiful, ancient Japanese metalsmithing technique that involves layering different colors of metal then impressing a texture or random design into the surface, which alters the layers below. Finally, the top...

Cleaning a Clay Extruder

Once you are done using your extruder, it’s a good idea to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly before storing.
33 Resource(s) Found
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