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From Craft Drawer to Career

Learn how the incredible metal clay artist Hattie Sanderson went from career woman to award-winning jewelry designer.

Shaping the Future of Jewelry

Handmade Business magazine interviewed five amazing metal clay artists to get the scoop right from the horse's mouth on why metal clay jewelry has been exploding in popularity.

Medium: Metal Clay

Courtesy of Handmade Business magazine, explore some of the most creative uses for metal clays collected to really kick-start your inspiration.

Metal Clays--Tips for Working with COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™

COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™ are an easy to sculpt and mold, and form into solid metal once they have been fired. Working with this product can lead to some amazing designs.

Stepping Stones

Lora Hart sat down with Handmade Business magazine to talk about how she viewed the skills she learned in classes on metal clay jewelry.

The Success and Mastery of Wanaree Tanner

Carie Ferg of Handmade Business magazine sat down to interview Wanaree Tanner on her success as a metal clay artist. From starving artist to international acclaim, read her story here.

Stand Out in the Crowd

When metal clay was new and supplies were limited, early adopters had to be creative to find textures and cutters they wanted to use. Today tools and design products are plentiful and metal clay artists may arguably have too many choices. I...

Precious Metal Clay Tips and Product Information

Metal clay is an easy-to-use material for creating custom metal pieces. Just manipulate the clay into the shape you want, dry, then fire it to turn it into precious metal. But that isn't all.

Industrial Nature for Illustrious Jewelry

Nature-themed jewelry may be in but wait until you see nature-themed metal jewelry. Give your design elements of nature capsulized for eternity in the shimmer of metal.

The Evolution of Artistry

Jewelry is always evolving, and four artists sat down with Handmade Business magazine to explore how their craft has changed over the years to keep up.

The Art of Mixed Media Jewelry

Mixed media jewelry is the art of taking an object and giving it new life. Want to become a mixed media artist master? It all starts with an introduction to this extraordinary work of art.

Mixing Metals for the Brave

Mixing metals used to be a fashion faux pas, but now it's a fashion go-to when you're creating some amazing metal jewelry.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is the ultimate expression of individualized jewelry. What better way to say it's one-of-a-kind than to have a fingerprint pressed into it!
13 Resource(s) Found
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