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Reflection Starry reflections of a moonless night, in this glorious seed-beaded jacket. This masterpiece project shines like the night sky, with an elegant, flattering drape.
Bridal Gown Buttons
Green Beads for Blues Night
Cowgirls Hat Band
Create a vintage-inspired woven seed bead belt using native patterns and bright colored fringe that will add retro interest to any outfit!
Groom's Bloom Boutonniere
Queen of Hearts Corset Co-Creator Linda Sparks
Always with Me
Princess Gloves
Shadow and Flame Guitar Strap
Eternal Spring
Crystal beads and fancy stones add an extra touch to wedding accessories, including shoes. This design is ideal for all types of formal wear.
This chainmaille bikini by designer Kat Wisniewski takes traditional jump ring jewelry to a whole new level. Black and purple components create an unparalleled set.
Flap Bag
Celtic Sunrise
Melinda Baur took home the Grand Prize Bronze Medal with her intricate dress containing over 3000 Swarovski® crystals that were added as part of the hand knitted process!
This beaded crime scene tape is a fun idea from the mind of designer Jessica Tiemens. The seed-beaded strip can be worn like a tie, belt or lariat necklace.

Beaded Bikini

Give 'em a Bout Groomsmen Boutonniere
294 Resource(s) Found
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