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Swarovski® is known for their crystal products as well as their limitless imaginations. This chainmaille ring with Swarovski beads and a pearl is testament to their creativity.
Summer Holidays Earrings
Summer Holidays Key Pendant
Summer Holidays Bag
Summer Holidays Chain Mail Pendant
Channel the beauty of summer cicadas with this sparkling, Japanese-inspired design.
Shine in the summer sun with the twinkling butterfly-shaped crystals in this whimsical jewelry set.
Make your own adorable Cutie Spring Rings in this project provided by Swarovski. These spring-themed rings created with Cutie Cute charms are perfect for jewelry sales and gifts.
Get the attention of every fish in the water with this bright fly. The pink egg pattern featuring turkey feathers is fun and functional.
Easily incorporate beads into this simple macramé bracelet for an easy spring and summer accessory.
This tiger paw fly is fierce. Create this attention-getting design using turkey feathers and Zebra Wire for hooking the big ones.
Daisy Chain
Make your own fly-fishing designs to show-off to friends and catch more fish. This fly is created from peacock and guinea feathers, and red Zebra Wire.

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Mother-Of-Pearl Shell Beads and Multi-Shell Focal

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Mother-Of-Pearl Shell Drops and Focal, Glass Beads and Metal Beads

Explore the butterfly's journey from cocoon to full-fledged beauty with Olga Bott's necklace, a finalist in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2020 featuring Seed Beads.
Sarita Neun creates a shimmering assemblage of natural and custom created shells to decorate this seaside inspired piece.
Bring a fun, youthful feeling to your chainmaille designs with this idea. Silicone rings in four basic colors connect in a Japanese 12-in-1 weave that is reminiscent of recess fun and games.
Dive into the popular Dione® large-hole beads and Easy-On Chain trend with this adorable design featuring some of the ocean's favorite friends and sterling silver beads.
Keiko Wada's intricate floral beadwork shines once again through "Wakamurasaki", an elegant bib necklace inspired by tender lavender blossoms and Japanese literature.
327 Resource(s) Found
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