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Shine in the summer sun with the twinkling butterfly-shaped crystals in this whimsical jewelry set.
This tiger paw fly is fierce. Create this attention-getting design using turkey feathers and Zebra Wire for hooking the big ones.
Easily incorporate beads into this simple macramé bracelet for an easy spring and summer accessory.
Make your own fly-fishing designs to show-off to friends and catch more fish. This fly is created from peacock and guinea feathers, and red Zebra Wire.
Get the attention of every fish in the water with this bright fly. The pink egg pattern featuring turkey feathers is fun and functional.
Inspired by the many monarchs fluttering through her garden, Viktoriia Liu brings California summer sun to her beaded butterfly necklace.
Easily attach birthstones, zodiac signs, initials and more for a personalized twist to this modern open-loop necklace.
Designer Marilynn Ordonez sought to capture the beauty of springtime blooms in her garden with polymer clay in her contest-winning piece "Forever Spring".
Patinated leaves match the bright blue of Czech glass druk beads in this antique-style set full of promise and growth.
Eternal love is the glittering theme of this charming jewelry set.
Luck and Serenity
The golden glint of this sleek shell earring design brings a romantic oceanic elegance to your favorite formal wear.
Designer Elena Landzberg was inspired by her daughter's allergies to create this bracelet, forming intricate, hypoallergenic blooms that will last a lifetime.
For a Mod Bod
Take a stroll through the garden with designer Julie Anstaett's "Garden Melody". Pastel greens and golds soften this intricate design and give it a vintage feel.
Celebrate the flight of the dragonfly with this gemstone-decorated jewelry set.
Explore the butterfly's journey from cocoon to full-fledged beauty with Olga Bott's necklace, a finalist in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Contest 2020 featuring Seed Beads.

Brooch with Antique Gold-Finished ''Pewter'' Links, Pebeo Porcelain Paint and Gold-Plated ''Pewter'' Spacers

Transport yourself to warm, sunny days with sunflower-inspired earrings. Czech beads dangle from hoops like flower petals plucked by the evening breeze.
268 Resource(s) Found
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