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Making a Bail From a Head Pin

This how-to video shows how easy it is to turn any bead into a pendant. All you need is a head pin, round-nose pliers, and a little creativity.

Secrets to Using a Bead Knotting Tool

Create pearl knotted jewelry easily with the help of a bead knotting tool called The Bead Knotter™. Tammy Honaman demonstrates how to knot between beads with the use of this jewelry-making tool.

How to Make a Tubular Peyote Stitch

Tubular peyote stitch can be used to make necklaces, bracelets and so much more. This instructional video with Tammy Honaman shows you how to create this stitch.

Creating an Eyepin from a Length of Wire

Riveting With a Tube or Crimp Tube

Riveting is a cold-joining process, bringing two pieces of something, in this case metal, together. This type of rivet is like a grommet where the flared ends hold the layers together and the tube forms a hole that passes through all the layers....

Personalize Jewelry Using Steel Letter and Number Punches

The steel punch set is comprised of 26 capital letters, an ampersand sign and numerals 0-9 (6 and 9 are the same stamp and need to be flipped depending on which one you are planning to use). These letters make a clean impression on soft metal and...

Secrets to a Double Wrapped Loop

Learn the secrets of double wrapped loops with this informational video with Tammy Honaman. This technique can be used to create secure beaded links or drops.

Secrets to an Overhand Knot

Learn how to make an overhand knot, a commonly used jewelry-making knot for working with cord. A 3D visual helps make this tutorial a cinch as Tammy Honaman, expert jewelry maker, also demonstrates this technique.

Riveting With a Wire Rivet

Riveting is a cold-joining process, bringing two pieces of something, in this case metal, together. A wire rivet is formed into a nail-like head on each end, with the layers to be joined sandwiched in between then held in place.

Gold-Filled Jumprings

Learn all about gold-filled jumprings, including what gold-filled is, and the large selection of these favorite jewelry-making findings available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Measuring with Calipers

Calipers make measuring small things, like beads and holes in beads, a snap.

Secrets to Opening and Closing Jumprings

See how to open a jumpring without misshaping the wire, and also how to close jumprings properly, in this quick video tutorial led by expert jewelry maker and educator, Tammy Honaman.

Setting a Cabochon with a Bezel Roller and Burnisher

These tools and techniques will produce a uniform, secure mount for your stone.

Using Crimp Tubes with Cording

Watch as Tammy Honaman, author, jewelry-making expert and educator, shows how easy it can be to use crimp tubes with cord in jewelry designs.

Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop

Use the double wrapped-loop technique to attach a pendant or charm to a soldered loop on a chain for a secure finish. Link double wrapped loops together to create your own chain then finish with your choice of clasp.

Inserting a Saw Blade into a Jeweler's Saw Frame

Untwist the wire around the bundle of saw blades until you can pull one out easily (twist the wire back around the blades once you have one out). Loosen the two wing nuts on either side of the opening of the jeweler's saw frame.Prop the far end of...

Plated Jumprings

Take it from expert jewelry maker Tammy Honaman, jumprings are a handy little jewelry finding for connecting components. Learn about the plated metal jumpring options available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Using Spacer Bars in Multi-Strand Designs

Spacer bars are a great way to bring structure—and style!—to your multi-strand jewelry creations. Expert jewelry designer Tammy Honaman shows how they work in this video.

Oh! Rings™

Learn all about Oh! Ring™ silicone components that are often considered a non-traditional jumpring since they don’t have a seam, including the beautiful saturated colors available and some uses such as stretchy chainmaille.

Secrets to Crimp Covers - Hiding Knots

Did you know crimp covers aren't just for crimps? Renowned jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shows you the secrets of using crimp covers to hide knots.
68 Resource(s) Found
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