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Bridal Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

Discover all the do's and don'ts of bridal jewelry to ensure flawless wedding looks. Here's everything you should know about accessorizing for the big day.

Wedding Jewelry as Easy as 1-2-3

Making the perfect wedding jewelry doesn't have to be hard. In fact, you could say it could be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Wedding Guest Jewelry Etiquette

You've received the privilege of a wedding invite and you're excited for the big party, but now comes the tricky part … how do you earn a stellar wedding guest reputation? Every wedding is different and etiquette-based decisions can be challenging...

Metaphysical Wedding Jewelry

Weddings already have a special energy to them, so why not harness that with metaphysical jewelry that further enhances the special day?

Birthstone Wedding Jewelry and Bridesmaid Gifts

Incorporating birthstones into wedding jewelry--including engagement rings--is increasing in popularity, particularly among brides seeking something unconventional for their big day. The lure of birthstone jewelry dates back to the fifteenth and...

Southern Belle Style Wedding Jewelry

How to have a southern inspired wedding that is sweeter than your tea: incorporate a fairytale dress with vintage pearls, roses and honeysuckle and special cake for the groom.

Fall/Winter 2019-20 Wedding Jewelry-Making Trends

Create the romance for your special winter day with amorous colors, regal textures and elegant designs.

Longitude and Latitude Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding is a deeply personal occasion. Why not reflect this fact with personalized longitude and latitude jewelry? The idea is to figure out the coordinates of where you’re getting married and immortalize the location in always-wearable,...

Cultural Inspiration: Indian-Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Break out into vibrant color spectrums teeming with the beautiful, cultural influences of Indian weddings. Jewelry is a topic every bride considers when preparing for her big day. In most cultures, jewelry plays a quintessential role. In Indian...

Steampunk Weddings: The Décor, Jewelry and Fashion

Steampunk weddings are not for the timid--they're full of industrial decor, Victorian fashions and sometimes even cephalopods. Plan the details for your steampunk wedding with these ideas that are sure to get your creative gears going. The overall...

Spring/Summer 2019 Wedding Jewelry-Making Trends

Learn all about those favorite wedding trends to make your special day really shine. With gemstones, pearls, statement pieces and more, you'll create the perfect day.

Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas Using Jewelry and Beads

Brides and grooms are seeking many different “unity" ceremonies and celebrations that symbolically unite them as a couple. Some of these ceremonies are more spiritual, or based on religious practices, while others are born out of personal meanings....

The Perfect Spring Wedding Jewelry Set

Spring is a favorite time to say "I do." It's when flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and love is in the air. And, speaking of love, you'll fall head over heels for this sparkling jewelry set. Why this specific design? Let us count the ways:...

I make bridal jewelry. My biggest concerns are how to ensure I use the best quality materials and how do I keep my silver pieces from tarnishing?

My advice on ensuring you have only the best quality materials is to buy from a reputable company who has always stood behind their products and to...

Colorful Gemstone Bridal Jewelry

Let's face it, pearls and crystal bridal jewelry is the norm. Don't get us wrong, traditional white and clear-colored jewelry is gorgeous and the staple for a reason, but not every bride wants to go this route. It's helpful to be reminded there are...

1950s-Themed Wedding (Rock the Jewelry)

The first rule of making a 1950s-themed wedding (or any themed wedding) is: You make your own rules. As the bride, or bride-designated planner, you call the shots. You're not going to let some 50s snob or self-appointed history police tell you how...

Pavé-Style Bridal Jewelry with Apoxie Sculpt

Pavé jewelry is a style that continues to pass the test of time. The word pavé comes from the French word for "pavement" or "cobblestone," referring to the way the stones are set in close rows, sitting flush with each other. This creates the look of...

Emerald Green Bridal Jewelry

Adding a hint of color to your wedding ensemble, emerald green makes a dramatic statement. This "it" color is making a grand appearance all over the runway and award shows. Emerald green accents pair beautifully with traditional bridal jewelry...

Pearls of Wisdom: 3 Easy Handmade (and Custom) Wedding Party Jewelry Gifts

Celebrate bridesmaids, family and honored guests with a handmade jewelry surprise that lets them know how much you appreciate their support around your special day. Jewelry is such a personal gift and the thoughtful customization found in these...

How to Pick the Best Bridal Jewelry: Dressing up the Wedding Dress for the Big Day

You're engaged, you've picked out a wedding dress and now it's time to select bridal jewelry for the big day. Dressing up the wedding dress is the finishing touch to any special day statement. The right wedding jewelry can create wedding wonders and...
964 Resource(s) Found
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