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Garden Party Weddings

Find the perfect dress, décor and DIY bridal jewelry for modern-day fairytale weddings. Create special day looks with a focus on individuality, sustainability and sophisticated romance.

Tropical Weddings

Tropical-themed weddings are a perfect way to create a special day that feels like a vacation for you and your guests. Find tips for tropical jewelry, décor and more in this article.

Shoulder-Duster Brooch Earrings

We just found your something old AND something new. Upcycle your family's heirloom brooches into stunning statement earrings for a touch of vintage sentimentality.

Jewelry Bouquets

Save money on cut flowers by using jewelry items as a bouquet. Discover how to create jewelry bouquets with brooches, earrings, sweater clips and other jewelry components.

Southern Belle Style Wedding Jewelry

How to have a southern inspired wedding that is sweeter than your tea: incorporate a fairytale dress with vintage pearls, roses and honeysuckle and special cake for the groom.

Blended Beads

Many modern weddings are about more than just the couple. Blended families are ushering in new traditions to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

Swarovski Fancy Stone Duster Earrings

Add a touch of fashion-forward personalization to your bridal look with sparkling statement earrings boasting dramatic late '40s flair.

Embellished Guestbook

The design possibilities of wedding guestbooks is something to not overlook. Personalizing your guestbook makes it another cherished memento from your special day.

Butterfly Brides

As a long-standing symbol of rebirth and transformation, a butterfly-themed wedding is a perfect way to symbolize the beginning of a new union.

Bridal Bracelet Beauty

This bracelet is the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch and sparkle to wedding jewelry designs.

Wedding Guest Jewelry Etiquette

You're invited to their big day but unsure what is appropriate attire. This inclusive guide illustrates the jewelry related DOs and DON'Ts of wedding guest decorum.
Inspired by the strategic tangling of octopi tentacles mid-swim, this energetic bracelet is a fun, yet formal.

Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas Using Jewelry and Beads

Unite two families as one with a creative, bead-based unity ceremony. From crowns to unity bowls, the possibilities are as extraordinary as the love between the wedded couple.
Country Wedding Cake

Vintage Glamour

Keep your wedding-day designs classic with vintage-inspired accessories or upcycled heirloom pieces for sentimental and earth-conscious appeal.

Pavé-Style Bridal Jewelry with Apoxie Sculpt

Follow this quick and easy project to create your own custom pavé-style earrings full of sparkle and bridal bliss.

Instant Earrings for Brides and Bridesmaids

Studies are finding that brides are eliminating jewelry from their wedding budgets. Fortunately, DIY brides know better. These quick projects are both beautiful and cost-conscious.

Go Baroque, Not Broke

Embodying the aristocratic style of the Baroque period, this bridal necklace and earring set is timeless in nature and of heirloom quality.

Feathery Bouquets

A trend inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's exotic cobalt blue veil plume in the "Sex in the City" movie, brides are opting for cutting-edge, distinctive feathery designs and accents.

Brides in Bloom

The wedding industry is in full bloom as brides are arranging flowers in much more than just their bouquet.
825 Resource(s) Found
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