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How to Use French Wire with Thread

French wire is designed to protect thread and other stringing materials from fraying at the loop of a clasp. Learn how to incorporate it in your designs with these illustrated instructions.

Forming a Wire Hook and Eye Clasp

Making your own clasps can save time and money. These instructions, complete with photos, show you how to make your own hook-and-eye clasps with wire.

Peg Leg™ - Wire-Wrapping Jig

Position pegs in the desired design. For a long design, rotate the screw at the base of the handle to lengthen the platform.

Beadalon Flat Memory Wire End Caps

Use memory wire shears to cut memory wire. In this example, cut single loop off the ring-size coil of memory wire so there is a gap of about 1/8 inch between the ends.

How to Create a Wire Woven Pendant Using the Baby Jewel Loom

Working off of a spool of 26-gauge artistic wire, place the warping wire against the button on the back of the Baby Jewel Loom leaving a 3 in (7.6 cm) tail.

Artistic Wire® Open Ear Wire Jig

Insert a piece of wire (20-24 gauge) 5 inches (12.7cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend the end (this helps to hold the wire firmly as you bend the wire around the pegs).

Forming a Wire Spiral

Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shows you how to form a wire spiral with step-by-step instructions. This simple technique makes a decorative addition to any design repertoire.

How to Create a Wire Band

Getting frustrated with hand-wrapping wire bands? This handy instruction guide shows how to use banding pliers to make perfectly started wraps every time.

How-To Secure Drops to an Ear wire with Peg

Slide drop or component onto ear wire peg.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Straightener

Remove your Artistic Wire straightener tool from the packaging.

Making Ball Tip Headpins Using Copper Zebra Wire

Place the end of one wire into the tweezers so the tweezers are horizontal and the wire is vertical. Ignite the torch and begin to heat the wire. For the heavier gauges of Zebra Wire there will be a small flame that chases up the length of the wire...

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Knitter

Thread the end of your wire down through the hole in the center of the tool.

Making a Hair Comb out of Wire

These step-by-step instructions show you how to make a hair comb from wire. With helpful illustrations at each step, this accessory is easier than ever.

How to Make Quick Earrings Using an Ear Wire and Crystal Passions® Sew-On Components

Learn how to transform a crystal sew-on component into gorgeous earrings with this quick technique.

Forming Beaded Links

String a bead on a piece of wire. Bend each end at a 90-degree angle.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Mandrel

Remove the mandrels and the allen wrench from the handle by unscrewing the base. Select size of mandrel to be used. Replace mandrels into base and close with screw cap.Note: The base has parallel flat portions for mounting the tool onto a vise.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Inverted Mandrel

Insert the inverted mandrel into the base of the CONETASTIC Tool (sold separately) with flat side of the mandrel shank aligned with the set screw.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo®

Insert wire.

Artistic Wire® Connector 1:5 Jig

Place one end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6 inch (15cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend about 10mm.

Artistic Wire® Teardrop Connector Jig

Place the end of wire (20-24 gauge) 6'' (15cm) in length across findings form as shown, tail should only be a few millimeters off the form.
77 Resources Found
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