Small Stones, Sparkling Symbols

Brilliant patterns and individual sparkling stones, large or small, on wood and combined with feathers, on pins and belts, on T-shirts and fabrics, the creative language of crystal--Flat Backs open up a whole new world of design opportunities! Inconspicuous items can be transformed into precious, eye-catching pieces. An endless number of different forms, patterns and abstract structures seem to develop almost of their own accord. Everyday items turn into unique and unusual objects.

Swarovski Flat Backs are available in countless colors and many different sizes, which means that you can use them to turn almost any design idea into reality. Because of the flat back of the stones, it is easy to attach them permanently to a wide range of different materials. Flat Backs Hotfix come with a special adhesive on the back which is activated by heat. They can easily be ironed onto fabrics of all kinds with an ordinary iron at temperatures of between 120°C and 170°C using normal pressure, but no steam. The fabrics with the stones attached can be washed at temperatures up to 60°C.

Flat Backs No Hotfix are better suited to all other types of material. They can easily be glued on with an adhesive that is suitable for the material in question. Only a few tools are needed, including an adhesive with a narrow dispenser, a transparent film and a pair of tweezers or a wax crayon. Anyone who is new to Flat Backs will find it easy to create eye-catching, complex designs right from the start, in contrast to other techniques such as threading.

You can transform ordinary everyday items into unique pieces of jewelry. Let our ideas inspire you!

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