Tribal Forces

Ancient rituals, natural colors and materials can become an expression of your own personality. Primitive people create their own jewelry from wood and ivory using powerful shades of red, mysterious green tones together with the use of distinctive tribal patterns. The new safari trend combines natural materials and animal prints in a wide range of jewelry and accessory items, including eye-catching necklaces, earrings, belts and purses. Swarovski crystal components in the powerful colors of the desert and the rainforest bring a new glow to all ancient patterns. Crystal lends new power and subtle elegance to every design piece.

If you'd like to transform your own ethnic look into something really special, you can make your own bracelets, necklaces and earrings with Swarovski crystal components or decorate ordinary accessories, such as purses and belts, by using ancient patterns or simply by giving your imagination free rein. The components which perfectly relate to the tribal trend open up endless possibilities: White Opal and White Alabaster create the same effect as ivory, Smoky Quartz and Light Colorado Topaz call to mind the colors of traditional woods and a wide range of greens, such as Khaki and Olive, will lend your pieces the same air of mystery as the impenetrable jungle. Powerful shades of red will bring a feeling of energy to your designs, while gold, white and green beads will add this special touch of luxury.

Let our design ideas inspire you! Create your own individual pieces of tribal jewelry and accessories with Swarovski crystal components!

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