The Career is on the Run: Now it's Time to Embellish Your Business Day


Your Busines Strategy Works From Tip to Toe

Dressed for success with charming accessories

You work from 9 to 5 or even longer--with a tight schedule full of conferences, meetings and urgent phone calls. Time is always running, and so are you. With an outstanding business outfit, you never fail to keep the pace, and, at the same time, manage to underscore your femininity.

Success is sure to be yours with the embellishing accessories of CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski.

Enter the walk of fame with boot jewels to accenting ankles and legs. Under your arm a hilarious bag that doesn't at all look like business outfit. Decorated with the crystal heart chain to lend a soft expression and to flatter.

Enhance your creative flexibility with the easy-to-apply and remove boot jewels and the crystal heart chain. Emphasize your feminine side as a fashion statement by combining them with any other boot or bag of your wardrobe. With the crystal comb top to it off, the brilliance of your business dress is refined to perfection. Your hair bun not only gains in appearance, your entire hairstyle benefits from the subtle accentuation.

My Personal Signature...

Style is the most precious attitude

Among the big decisions needing to be made during a long business day is the first and probably most important one: What jewels most favorably highlight my attire and planned activities for a given business day? Which ones perfectly underscore my individual personality?

The sheen of crystal embellishes your business outfit, making your personality as distinctive as you wish to appear. While neoromantics may fancy dainty decorative chains, more conservative professionals may favor chains with a more inconspicuous appearance. Then again, aficionados of soft round shapes may opt to prominently caress their wrists with a prestigious bracelet. All of these styles belong to the very special class of their own.

The class of CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski, featuring beads that allow you to develop your own matchless masterpiece of success.

Imagination Is At Work...

And your skills suit the action to the word

The successful business woman also hones her professional skills in terms of style. Adamant at times, decisive where necessary, skillful in negotiations, she confidently masters the most demanding situations.

Imagination is yours to design. Indulge yourself in the brilliance of a lavish chain made of crystal components by CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski. Experience the moving effect of sophisticated creativity.

Simply Irresistible...

You make me feel like I have never felt before

Love is the language known the world over, one that every heart speaks. February 14th, Valentines Day, is the official day to celebrate and praise the spirit of eternal love. Cherish the one you love. Honor the gifted treasure and express your infinite devotion. The essence of love comes inside a gift of greatest joy. She will be enchanted by the poetic colors of a charming ring. She finds entrance to his heart through a key ring.

Unlock your fantasy with CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski. Exclusive crystals make your gifts as precious as your most intimate feelings.

You and Me Together, We Can Make It Magic

Let Valentine wishes become a vision of heart light

Love is like magic, and always will be. In certain cultures, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. A saying that very much holds true for men all over the world. Why not crown the special occasion of Valentines Day with an intimate dinner. An enticing table decoration creates the mood and a tingly atmosphere for an intimate tete-à-tete.

The idea of romance comes true with CREATE your STYLE™ with Swarovski beads. Sparkling hearts turn into expressive symbols of affection and tenderness. Significantly there exists only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.

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