Glamorous Details


The latest fashion trend this autumn is for pretty, sparkling accessories that you simply can't do without. They may be elaborate, eye-catching and even luxurious. Pendants and brooches, delicate chains and amulets as goodluck charms or symbols of your personality. Original and characteristic highlights on purses and cell phones, on belts, jeans and shoes. Give your old outfits an exciting, new look! These accessories are a unique way of showing how imaginative and individual you are.

Swarovski crystals emphasize the glamorous effect of the accessories, whether they're large or small, simple or luxurious. The brilliance of the crystal brings every piece to life. The variety of the crystals will inspire you to experiment with different colors, shapes and sizes. The crystals can be combined with one another and with a wide variety of materials, including ribbons, leather, fabric, metal, felt, plastic and many more.

Swarovski crystals are the perfect accompaniment for any trend and any style. Most importantly you can create these desirable accessories yourself quickly and easily. Apart from the materials, plus wire, glue and possibly a key ring, you won't need any other equipment, which means that they are easy to make, even if you haven't done this before!

Design Your Own Accessories and Let Our Ideas Inspire You!

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