Natural Poetry


From the golden twenties to the swinging sixties: the latest trend is to play a game with time, with the ways in which different eras expressed themselves and with the links between these different decades. This summer will be characterized by a contrast between glittering glamour and classic elegance. There will be many pieces with pure forms and unobtrusive, classic colors which will have a timeless appearance, whereas magnificent accessories and bold, eye-catching jewelry will bring the past to life. But these pieces are not simply copies: with their new asymmetric shapes they add an ironic twist to all that has done before.

Swarovski crystals are the perfect complement for this game with time. The outstanding new colors, shapes and effects are designed with the latest trends in mind. They will inspire you to create daring combinations with other crystal components and also with unusual materials:

Golden glamour everywhere: The ''Golden Shadow'' effect brings a golden shimmer to the color Crystal. It is both warm and cool, always different, but always magnificent and luxurious.

The new color ''Silk'', on the contrary, creates a pure and minimalist effect. It is soft, precious and sensuous and has a special timeless elegance. A color with all the charm of the classic Hollywood era.

''Light blue'', the new pearl color, makes a similar classic impact. When mixed with different shades of cream it takes on a soft, natural character. In combination with the new ''Pear-shaped Pearl'', new dimensions have been created for the use of pearls in individual creations.

The asymmetric ''Polygon Bead'' in different sizes and the striking ''Metro Pendant'', will inspire you to create original and eye-catching designs. They play with the concept of irregularity and break taboos just like the swinging sixties.

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